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Have a Child Flying Alone? Here’s How Much it Will Cost You

Southwest Railroads will also accept persons approved by the Subcutaneous Nations or looking governments. Southwest is available by law to electronic assistance and emotional side animals associated Customers with modifications. This restraint is calculated for use in website vehicles and directors.

Review our suggested airport arrival times. Be sure to allow enough time to park the car, obtain your Southwwest pass and the child's UM lanyard at the ticket counter, go through security, and check in at the gate. Pets are not permitted to travel with Unaccompanied Minors. A Flight Attendant will check on the child periodically, as duties allow, but will not continuously monitor the serviced throughout the flight. You will need the sefvices information when making your UM reservation: Please note: Should the Unaccompanied Minor's travel be disrupted or should the person s designated fail to meet the Unaccompanied Minor upon arrival at the destination airport, Southwest Airlines is authorized to take whatever action is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances.

Southwest Airlines does not have electrical outlets onboard the aircraft for personal use. When booking online, Customers may notice that there is a link identified with a question mark that directs the user to the details of our policies for assisting Passengers with disabilities. Customers may also advise us of any disability-related travel needs at the time of booking by telephone or, if a reservation has already been made, by calling I-FLY-SWA prior to travel. Customers who are traveling in a group of ten or more and will be transporting wheelchairs should advise us in advance by calling I-FLY-SWA at least 24 hours in advance so that we can ensure adequate staffing and room in the cargo compartment of the aircraft for the wheelchairs.

Power wheelchairs and scooters We may ask that a Customer relinquish a power wheelchair up to an hour in advance of departure.

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In that case, the Customer will be transferred to an airport wheelchair until boarding begins. Power wheelchairs and scooters will be securely stowed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. Southwest recommends that all removable parts of the wheelchair be stowed in the overhead bins. Spillable batteries If an assistive device is powered by a spillable battery, Southwest must be able to access the battery to determine that it is approved for transportation. The battery must show no signs of any defects or damage. We recommend that Customers traveling with a device powered by a spillable battery label the battery cables with corresponding colored tape or provide detailed disconnection and reconnection directions so that the Agents at the destination city can quickly and easily reconnect the battery to the device.

Customers may bring one "spare" spillable battery for each battery needed to operate the Southwest escort services. Spare batteries will also be packaged in a protective battery box. Non-spillable batteries If an assistive device is powered by a non-spillable battery, Southwest must be able to access the battery to determine that it is approved for transportation. The battery must be properly secured to the device to prevent movement. In these cases, we recommend the Customer provide disconnect directions or label the corresponding cables so that our Agents can easily reconnect the battery and return the assistive device more quickly at the Customer's destination.

Lithium-Ion Li-ion batteries If an assistive device is powered by a lithium-ion Li-ion battery, Southwest must be able to access the battery to determine that it is approved for transportation. The Li-ion battery must show no signs of any defects or damage. The assistive device must be transported as checked baggage. If not securely attached, the battery must be removed, terminals protected from short circuit and transported separately as carryon baggage. If a device is specifically designed to allow its battery to be easily removed e. If the device utilizes two batteries, each battery cannot exceed watt-hours. The battery or batteries must be removed, protected from short circuit, and carried onboard to be stowed in the cabin.

Any spare batteries must be transported as carryon baggage with the battery terminals protected to prevent short circuit. Some Li-ion batteries do not display the watt-hour rating on the battery label. The following formulas may be used to determine the watt-hours rating for a Lithium-ion battery: If the battery lists the Amp-hour rating, use this formula: If the battery lists the Milliamp-hour rating, use this formula instead: Restraint systems Customers are welcome to use FAA-approved child restraint systems CRS onboard as long as the safety seat has the appropriate manufacturer's label. Once onboard the aircraft, the CRS should be secured in a middle or window seat.

If placed in a middle seat, the CRS may not impede the exit path of a Passenger in the window seat. CRSs may not be placed in an exit seat or in a row directly forward or aft of an exit row of seats.

If the CRS was manufactured prior to February 25,it must have one of the following labels. This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. This child restraint device conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. Southwest Airlines will also accept seats approved by the United Nations or foreign governments. The CRS must have a stamp or decal or some other mark that indicates foreign government approval. Seats manufactured under the standards of the UN must have a label with a circle surrounding the letter E, followed by a number assigned to the country that has granted approval.

These include backless booster seats and any device that ties the child to another person.

Services Southwest escort

Please note that the petition should be filed at least dscort before the proposed date of travel. If the petition is approved, the Customer will be required to present a copy of the approval letter upon arrival eacort the airport and may be required to do so at any other Southwext during travel. Allergies Food Allergies As of August 1,Southwest no longer serves peanuts onboard our flights. Instead, depending on the length of the flight, we offer pretzels and a few other complimentary snacks, It's important to note that many of the snacks we serve may be packaged in the same facility as peanuts. Additionally, we recognize that Southwest cannot prevent other Customers from bringing peanuts or products containing peanuts onboard our flights.

Customers may wish to bring their own snacks with them. Southwest is required by law to transport assistance and emotional support animals accompanying Customers with disabilities.

Southwest requires that pets remain in an animal carrier throughout the duration of a Southwest escort services. Have a Child Flying Alone? By Kraig Becker September 13, Photo courtesy of Etihad Airlines For a parent, sending your child off alone on a cross-country flight has to be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences ever. Saying goodbye to sfrvices at the airport, while keeping your fingers crossed that escorg arrive safely at their destination can be incredibly worrisome. No matter which airline your child is flying, the unaccompanied minor programs Suothwest essentially the same way.

This allows the young traveler to meet the flight attendance, find his or her seat, and get settled before the other passengers are allowed onboard. A flight attendant will continue to check in with the child throughout the flight, making sure they are comfortable and safe, and in many cases provided them with snacks or a meal. And when the plane reaches its final destination, the flight attendant will then assist the child in exiting the aircraft, and hand him or her off to another employee, who will then help them navigate through the airport, and find the person awaiting their arrival. This is a common practice that happens all of the time, and each of the airlines escorts thousands of unaccompanied minors each year, with very few issues ever arising.

These programs are a safety measure designed to protect the young passengers, as it is in the best interest of the carrier to ensure that the child arrives safely at their destination. Overseeing a young child requires extra diligence — and sometimes staff — however, so the airlines also charge a fee to cover the unaccompanied minor program.

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