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Rachel McAdams' Relationship History: Relive Her Romances With Ryan Gosling, Michael Sheen and More

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A wonderful start to a beautiful career.

Her father was a truck driver while her mother was a nurse. Though born in London, she grew up in St. She is of Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish descent. She has two younger siblings — Daniel, who is a personal trainer and Kayleen, who is a celebrity make up artist. Rachel McAdams is a Christian, having grown up in a Protestant home.

She is also a very talented figure skater. She began skating when she was four and competed in skating competitions until histor was She even took home several regional awards and she has credited skating for preparing her for the physical demands that would come with acting. She attended Central Elgin Collegiate Institute where she had a very active sports life playing soccer, badminton and volleyball. She also served on the student council and was a member of the Peer Helping Team. That's one name everyone should recognize.

You know what else Rachel McAdams is recognized for?

Mcadam dating history Rachel

Being amazing and an inspirational woman? Well, duh, but also for dating daring extremely talented actors. I mean, who wouldn't want to date her? These are some really lucky men, if I do say so myself. Ever since McAdams starred in The Notebook, fans have wanted nothing more than for the year-old actress to find love, just like she did as Allie Hamilton with Noah Calhoun. Of course, if she's happy being single, then that's fantastic. Rachel, you do you, girl.

As she came Nistory Strengthen Telegraph's Anna magazine, they started out as calls and eventually became more serious. Inthey did their coupling public.

Whatever makes your heart soar. However, if she is looking for her Mcaxam, then I hope it happens soon, because when McAdams is in love, we're all in love — you know you live vicariously through her, don't lie. Over the years, the actress has dated a variety of men. Pretty much, her dating history reads like a who's who of extremely talented actors proving she knows how to pick 'em. So, until we know for sure that McAdams is channeling her inner Allie and acting like a bird with the man of her dreams, let's take a look some of the men she's dated.

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