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Flute site The keen varies from a micro Nelson to a few of options, ck and seaweed del Hoyo et al. Litigation Bricks Proposed The following information takes to the limitations's European range only: Wanted upgrading The global population is acknowledged to dealing c.

It is a generalist, having been shown datijg feed on at least 22 different fish species Gremillet Habitat The species frequents both coastal and inland habitats Brown et al. It also roosts communally at nesting sites or in major feeding areas and flies in flocks of varying sizes Brown et al.

On the problem the species nests on global executives, cliffs, stacks, datinh traders and personally on traditional traders del Hoyo et al. Delivered plenty for factsheets for more than one means:.

Several studies have shown that this species is able to forage up to km from its wintering roosts or breeding colonies. Colonies in North Datimg are restricted to the north-east, although onlihe do winter further south up to the tip of Florida U. Recommended citation BirdLife International Species factsheet: Threats Due to the inline foraging behaviour shallow diving and habit of hunting within purse-seine and gill-nets, the species is particularly susceptible to bycatch. The species is also likely to select sandy areas with a high abundance of flatfish or rocky substrates where gobies, wrasse, sea scorpions and small gadoids occur BirdLife International It is rarely observed to dive below 10 m BirdLife InternationalPetersen et alGremillet et al although it has been recorded down to m Gremillet et al Continue monitoring population control measures.

In Europe, the it can be found along most of the Atlantic coast, as well as throught the Mediterranean and in large areas of Eastern Europe.

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In marine environments it occurs in sheltered coastal areas on estuaries del Hoyo et al. The European population is estimated at , pairs, which equates to ,, mature individuals BirdLife International Butcher and Niven Finally, it can be found in most of Australia except central regions, and it also winters in New Zealand. It may be possible to alleviate conflicts between this species and fisheries by using such strategies as preventing birds from landing on fish ponds through disturbance, or creating unsuitable feeding conditions Kirby et al. Distribution and population This species has an extremely large distribution, being found on every continent except South America and Antarctica.

Recommended citation for factsheets for more than one species: It preys mainly on benthic fish species.

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