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Fact check: Were white South African farmers murdered last year? Updated July 12, South Africa The fakf The plight of South Africa's farmers caught the attention of local politicians recently when Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton suggested white farmers were being persecuted and deserved "special attention" under Australia's humanitarian immigration program. Something like white farmers have been murdered, brutally murdered, over the last 12 months". Mr Abbott made his claim on March 19,four days after Senator David Leyonhjelm urged Australia's immigration and foreign affairs ministers to help South Africa's farmers.

In letters to bothhe said: The verdict Mr Abbott's claim is baseless. There are no official statistics available for the past 12 months.

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The most recent police statistics show that 74 people were murdered on farms in the year to March That figure is well below the claimed by Mr Abbott. Moreover, it includes all farmers, workers, families and visitors and all races. More recent figures, which identify white farmers, are available from the Transvaal Agricultural Union, a group representing the interests of farmers. According to their figures, there were 84 farm murders in the calendar year. Of these, 59 victims were white farmers. A further 15 people, including 8 white farmers, were killed on farms in the first three months of That means fewer than 70 white farmers were killed in the last 15 months.

The police's latest data does reveal a rise in farm murders compared with the previous year, as does the union's data. However, experts told Fact Check that these changes reflected a general increase in murders across the entire South African population since The context Farm violence has long plagued South Africa. The opening of the Internet to the people in the 90s was a movement meant to allow them access to information. Over time, the Internet has grown to unimaginable heights with tons of information coming in all the time which allows the Internet to be a host for plenty of unwanted, untruthful and misleading information that can be made by anyone.

In an interview with NPRJestin Coler, former CEO of the fake media conglomerate Disinfomediasaid who writes fake news articles, who funds these articles, and why fake news creators create and distribute false information. Coler began his career in journalism as a magazine salesman before working as a freelance writer. He said he entered the fake news industry to prove to himself and others just how rapidly fake news can spread. I know all I did was attack him and his supporters and got people not to vote for him. When I said that comment it was because I was confused how this evil got elected President and I thought maybe instead of hurting his campaign, maybe I had helped it.

My intention was to get his supporters NOT to vote for him and I know for a fact that I accomplished that goal. The far right, a dting of the Bible thumpers and alt-right were going to vote him regardless, but I know I swayed so many that were on the fence. All the stories I wrote were to make Trump's supporters look like idiots for sharing my stories. Green's company found that affluent and well-educated persons in their 40s and 50s are the primary consumers of fake news. He told Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes that this audience tends to live in an "echo chamber" and that these are the people who vote. On Facebook, the skew was even greater. There, "extreme hard right pages — distinct from Republican pages — share more junk news than all the other audiences put together.

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Their findings showed that Trump supporters and older Americans over 60 were far more likely to consume fake news than Clinton supporters. Facebook was by far the key "gateway" wihte where these whiye stories were spread, and which led people to then go to the fake news websites. Fact checks of fake news were rarely seen by consumers, [] [] with none of those who saw a fake news story being reached by a related fact check. This was during the height of the HB2 "bathroom bill" controversy, and the article clearly linked the two. However, there was no date on the video or evidence that it was shot in North Carolina, where the "bathroom bill" was to be passed.

In fact, according to Snopesthe same video was published to a Facebook page inmeaning it predated the HB2 controversy. Does the article cite primary sources? It's not just political news that can be bogus.

Now8News is one of the most infamous fake-but-looks-real site, specializing Africna the kind of weird news stories that often withoug viral. One such article claims Coca-Cola recalled Dasani water bottles after a "clear Aftican was found in the water. There was even an accompanying gross-out picture that allegedly showed the parasite, though withouf basic Googling reveals it is most likely a photo of a young eel. Regardless, the article had no statement or claim from any company. Clearly this would be a big witgout. Dasani or any number of consumer advocacy wyite would publish statements or news releases about it, right? Does the story feature quotes, and are they traceable?

A favorite meme of Liberal Facebook groups features a fake quote from Donald Trump that is allegedly from a People Magazine interview in They're the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they'd still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific. Is it the only outlet reporting the story? During this election season, Pope Francis was roped into three super viral, and completely false, stories. According to various fake websites, the Pope endorsed three US Presidential candidates: Finally, another fake news site KYPO6. In all of these instances, subsequent reports all circled back to the fake ones.

It's always good to trace a story back to the original source, and if you find yourself in a loop -- or if they all lead back to the same dubious site -- you have reason to doubt. Is your own bias getting in the way? Both Zimdars and Mantzarlis say confirmation bias is a big reason fake news speads like it does. Some of that is built into Facebook's algorithm -- the more you like or interact with a certain interest, the more Facebook will show you related to that interest.

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