Most intimidating football uniforms

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The 50 greatest uniforms in sports history

When it much to europe colors, audio is a response X dance: San Francisco 49ers The 49ers interconnects are some of the more accurate in all of financial, and for television score.

Curling especially Norway You'd think these snazzy patterns would be ranked Mlst, since they're a fun, lively iteration in the blah world of sporting uniforms. At first glance: Second glance: And then your eyes cross. The longer you look, the worse it gets. There's a very delicate line between appealing and appalling, and the vertigo-inducing prints worn by the team from Norway exemplifies the latter. To put it another way: Oh… Ow. Basketball Baggy, billowing, bunchy, unflattering, capable of making the tallest men in the world look oddly proportioned and short. With so much jumping and leaping involved, you'd think the knees and legs would be much less encumbered.

Football uniforms intimidating Most

And seriously, just aesthetically displeasing. You know when you're trying on a dress initmidating your mother shakes her head and says, gravely, "It does nothing for you"? That's the title of the biography one could write about modern basketball uniforms. Sorry, fellas: They do nothing for you. It wasn't always this bad — there used to be a much more streamlined look.

Afghanistan Inti,idating These black and matching uniforms are intimidating and go well with the deal's hard-nosed reputation. Directly, Cleveland's ambition of creativity in our uniforms prevents them from being out an important role, so therefore, they produce weekly in the renewed of the probability as the league's most rewarding browsing. Pricing the truth-won sinewy musculature the most has taught and did to unity.

Advertisement Meh. Traditional, functional, uninspiring. Msot better than basketball uniforms. Cycling Lurid, yet tidy, zingy, sleek as an otter and fiercely aerodynamic, cycling apparel makes it fairly clear we are living in the future. Advertisement 9. Football The snug, narrow pants and broad padded shoulders cut a fetching — and appropriately intimidating — silhouette. Very Dynasty. Advertisement 8.

Tennis Much like basketball, tennis uniforms used to be better: Shorter shorts, snugger tops. Sleeker, more flattering. These days, the look is a lot less uhiforms. Still, Wimbledon Whites are classic as well as classy. Advertisement Tight tops. Short shorts. Mismatched shoes. All very unigorms. Advertisement Excellent. Flattering inseam on the shorts, fun colors, well-cut tops. Good work. Advertisement 5. Fencing Knickers and fpotball socks might not sound like a recipe for chic, but fencing uniforms are fucking badass. So, so bad. Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals uniforms have been bad for a long, long time.

The helmets with the stripes have reached infamous status, but the team has done nothing to change them. Unfortunately, the stripes have also made their way Most intimidating football uniforms on the shoulder pads and pants, too. Maybe Jay Unuforms left Cincy because he couldn't stand this clownish look any longer. Tennessee Titans It's as if the Titans said to themselves, "You know, I really like having one odd shade of blue on our uniforms, but I intimidatimg really love it if we could have Most intimidating football uniforms odd shades of blue on there, is that possible?

Throw that in with the flaming sword thing that is the Titans logo, and it intinidating adds up to a poorly conceived uniform. Arizona Cardinals Whoa, first of all, that's a lot of red. But even when the Cardinals wear their white pants, these uniforms straddle the line between old school and new age: It's as if the Cards can't decide which style to go with, so they decided to use a little bit of both. Unfortunately, neither works. Carolina Panthers The Panthers color scheme is pretty awesome, as is their logo, but for some reason, their uniforms come across as cheap looking. There isn't any logo or emblems or cool lettering to look at on the jersey itself, making the uncreative look more suitable for a Pop Warner team than an NFL team.

A lot left to be desired here. Atlanta Falcons The Falcons are another example of a uniform with a helmet and jersey combo that don't match up well. And the shoulder of the jersey, where there is a white stripe, a black stripe, lots of red, and a mini Falcons logo is really crowded. Philadelphia Eagles Green is a great color for uniforms when pulled off correctly see: In addition, the helmets would look better if the team logo was slapped on the side instead of the wings coming out of the center. When it comes to uni's, there's not a lot of love for the team from Philly.

St Louis Rams The Rams rocked this blue on blue look for the majority of their games last year, and joins the long list of teams that tried, and failed, to wear pants that matched their jersey. C'mon guys, white pants never hurt anybody. Plus, the swirling horns on the helmet produce a dizzying effect. Minnesota Vikings Poor Vikings fans, not only do they have to deal with the notion of Matt Cassel being their starting QB, but they have to look at less than stellar uniforms. When it comes to jersey colors, purple is a real X factor: In my eyes, the Vikings uniforms don't make great use of the color; in addition, the Viking horns on the side of the helmet look more like a comma than they do a sweet piece of headgear.

Seattle Seahawks The Seahawks unveiled these new jerseys inand went from an average jersey to arguably the league's most intriguing look. No one can fault Seattle for having bland uniforms, but to me, they tried to do too much.

The pants feature a neon stripe up the side with some sort of unidentifiable shape, the numbers have stripes that are unique but unnecessary, and the gray line across the shoulder blade doesn't look good. Champions of the NFL: Champions of the Jersey Rankings: Denver Broncos The Broncos color scheme is very similar to that of Chicago's, but they don't do nearly as good a job executing it. The orange stripe on the side is reaching Albert Haynesworthian levels of thickness, and this design is one they've had since Elway.

It's time to switch things up in Denver. Indianapolis Colts Not much to see here: Despite having a very lame logo a horse shoe? That's the best they could do? The thick red stripe around the collar is pretty bad, but besides that there's nothing noteworthy going on here. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens make better use of purple than the Vikes did, as they use a darker shade than Minnesota. However, the gold outline around the numbers isn't quite pulled off, and the while the logo on the helmets isn't an eyesore, they would look much better with the shield the team uses at their 50 yard line. Dallas Cowboys America's team, the most recognizable uniform in sports, blah blah.

It's just a star, people. Sure, it's a look people know, but once you get past the star there's some pretty questionable features in this design, including an awkward white stripe down the center of a gray helmet, and some awful stripes on the shoulder. Much like their quarterback, these jerseys look worse and worse the more you analyze them. I mean, their team logo is just an orange helmet, and their team name is a color. Even Bill Belichick is bored. However, Cleveland's lack of creativity in their uniforms prevents them from rolling out an ugly look, so therefore, they rank right in the middle of the pack as the league's most average jersey.

Don't underestimate the power of Johnny Football though; he'll help move these things off the rack in bunches anyway.

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