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Why pseudonymity should not be a dirty word

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This argument is particularly prominent within datung circles, likely owing ddating the cypherpunk origins, financial stakes and often legally suspect ambitions, as a high proportion of contributors prefer to operate under aliases. Arguments Pseudonymity online dating pseudonymity — and for the rest of this article I will focus more on pseudonymity as opposed to anonymity — tend to boil down to: This power dynamic is undeniable; anonymity is a powerful tool which puts the IRL opponent at a disadvantage; the most the IRL user can do is get annoyed through a screen, whilst the anonymous adversary can extend the dispute into real life. However, none of this constitutes a good argument against pseudonymity — if anything, it is an argument for more to embrace it and what it signifies.

All the arguments against pseudonymity that I have seen ignore the truth that many of us have the same attachment to our pseudonymous handle as we do to our IRL identity. Indeed, I would argue that I choose my words under some online handles far more carefully than I do in real life.

I also know that Pxeudonymity groups understand my words are never borne of malice. In pseudonymity, however, I am conscious both that I do not benefit from these associations and that the potential audience includes many I have no prior connection with. Furthermore, I would argue that a pseudonymous actor who operates over a long period of time but maintains all of their writing shows more conviction in their beliefs than someone who gladly ties their writings to their IRL, but subsequently deletes much or all of their thoughts. It depends on the circumstances. He has founded a new social networking site called AnyBeat to take on this issue. That way you can be yourself.

And, harrumph, do I really want to go to another fucking social network.

Sendoff defense of PhotoXpress. We then came on to film an adoptive 90 minute reversal on for This Chemist in Venture Capital.

We want you to come to AnyBeat to have fun. Where you can talk about topics that it might not be appropriate for a VC to discuss in writing. Your views on politics, religion, the world. We want you to play games.

Let your hair down. But 22 year olds might like to be able to make their views on the world known without having it follow them around for the next 40 years. Social networks are like Iran. You can say anything you want, but in the morning there will be consequences. Other registered users prefer to remain anonymous, and do not disclose identifying information. However, Wikipedia's server logs may enable system administrators to determine the IP address, and perhaps the true name, of a registered user see Wikipedia: Privacy Policy for a list of the conditions under which such a linkage would be attempted.

It is possible, in theory, to create an unlinkable Wikipedia pseudonym by using an Open proxya Web server that disguises the user's IP address. However, most open proxy addresses are blocked indefinitely due to their frequent use by vandals see Wikipedia: Blocking policy.

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Additionally, Wikipedia's public record of a user's interest areas, writing style, and argumentative positions may still establish an identifiable pattern. Another Redditor elaborates: This sense of intimacy is a key part of the pleasure of the subreddit: Managing context collapse Marwick and boyd, Pseudonymity online dating this way then becomes a form of agency: Authenticity on Reddit Gonewild: However, the subreddit also enables women to exert some control over their sexuality by choosing to consensually post material, as evidenced by the verification system, and respond to commenters. Although in all likelihood those posting will never meet the people browsing their images, titles often specifically address the imagined audience as though they were in the same room: These are not photos to be connected to a social media profile with a real name, such as Facebook or LinkedIn; these photos are shared on a public platform, but with deliberate measures taken to keep the identity of the poster private.

These guidelines put the onus on the people submitting the photos to remain unidentifiable. Bernie Hogan argues that pseudonyms are a way to manage the tension between context-specific impression management and persistent content online. Anonymity Pseudonymity online dating Reddit Gonewild: Being seen while keeping safe There are concerns for those who post to Reddit Gonewild, mostly framed in terms of negative consequences that can arise from the failure to segment this sexual identity away from other parts of online life, such as posts being taken out of context, embarrassment when friends, relatives, or colleagues see the images, reputation damage, or job prospects being diminished xs51, These assume that the person posting would be adversely affected by the discovery that they post naked photographs of themselves on the Internet; people who work in the adult industry, are open with their body, or come from a cultural context in which nudity is not shameful may not find it so inhibiting.

According to a Pew Internet survey Duggan,young women are disproportionately likely to experience online harassment, and there are numerous cases of targeted, repetitive online abuse levelled at women online, such as journalist Amanda Hess going to the police after receiving death threats, or feminist pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian being forced to cancel a talk at a university after threats that she would be shot to death Hern, Keeping safe from harassment online is not simply a case of removing anonymity from both the harassers and the harassed, but part of a new digital literacy that involves knowing both the opportunities and the risks of posting to social media sites like Reddit.

As previously discussed, there is no shortage of arguments that trolling abounds on the Internet and that many people equate anonymity and pseudonymity with incivility, particularly in online spaces where this is the norm. Therefore, Redditors are allowed to present the identity they choose, but this does not mean they exist in an unregulated space: Reddit-wide rules about behavior can be summed up by the first rule: Instead, policing the site helps to create a space in which the norm is for those posting to be rewarded for their contributions, not harassed or made uncomfortable.

As this case study of Reddit Gonewild has shown, practices of anonymity and pseudonymity may be complex, but they add texture to being social on the Internet. The option of not using real names online allows people to control what they reveal about themselves and who they reveal it to, opening up possibilities for identity exploration, exhibitionism, and connections with people who share different interests without being limited by the social factors that routinely shape everyday life. Online, pseudonyms evoke this private, bounded context, while restructuring sexual encounters in terms of persistence, visibility, spreadability, and searchability [ 9 ].

About the authors Emily van der Nagel is a Ph. Her thesis investigates anonymity on social media. She has also been published in Scan: He is currently an assistant professor at the University of North Texas.

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