Updating words with friends problems ipad

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Words with Friends HD for iPad

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Clearing your Safari cache will help with certain games. Follow the steps listed in the Delete history, cache, and cookies section. Tap General. Tap Software Update. Your device will tell you what iOS version you have and if you need to install an update.

Are your game apps updated? Open the App Store. I suddenly could not play my current games on WWF even though I logged into the same account. It has something to do with Facebook and somehow another is hooked up to it.

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I had to completely close the app on my iPad, but when I restarted it, friend synced beautifully. I see the same changes happening on both iPhone and iPad. I do have the paid version --not sure if that could make a difference? I am now synced up on ipad and iphone. If you want to earn coins, you have one week to do it by getting a huge score. Not a nice thought either way. So, people will play, but who cares now if you win or get the points.

Seems to be the way the Country is going. I used to keep in touch with old friends on it; however, since the new version is so flashy those friends have since stopped. I feel like every time I open it I get bombarded by the spammy atmosphere when I just want to play my games. The animations of gifts, coin accumulation, etc.

Ipad friends words Updating with problems

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