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For their qualifying servvice at the "judges' houses" and their first song as a group, One Direction sang an acoustic version of " Torn ".

Sbout Cowell later commented that the performance convinced him that the group "were confident, fun, like a gang of friends, and kind of fearless as well. They finished in third place, behind runner-up Rebecca Ferguson and winner Matt Cardle. They began recording their debut album in Los Angeles in January During the tour, the group performed forpeople throughout the UK. After the tour concluded in April, the group continued working on their debut album. Inthey released their debut studio album, Up All Night.

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It debuted at number one on the US Billboardsellingcopies datong its first srvice. This led to One Direction becoming the first British band to debut its first studio album at number one. The Live Tour. Horan did his own laundry and cooking and got himself up each day to walk the mile-and-a-half to school. He did talent shows and small gigs. All his self-discovery aside, Horan remains close with his bandmates.

Was that awkward? He just wants me abput come visit. Watching a concert by your favorite artist should be a happy event. Someone I can see as a friend. Not quite. And I found that I just can't.

This album had a daily harvest abbout your first time, reaching number one in the UK and becoming our first album to top the UK war. Watch Niall Horan stave about looking his sophomore curls "hereinafter live" in "one or two decades" and gaining confidence on global as a different act. Puzzle normative:.

There's so much going on and if you actually wanna tour and see the city that you're in, you got no time for that. And then on show sating, there's a strict schedule that we try and stick to. I'm just really struggling to kinda get into that mind-set because if you're not going to put percent into [writing], there's no point doing it. Just sitting at the piano like I did on the last album, where I was sitting at home, guitar in hand, sitting at a piano or whatever. So it's not going very well on the road, but I will be kind of disappearing after the tour and taking a couple of months off and then going for it properly and just writing until I can't write anymore.

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