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My Son Is Dating a Minor: Should I Be Worried About the Legal Implications?

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Individuals aged 17 or younger in California are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape. California statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age 18 who is not their spouse. Punishments vary depending on the respective ages of both victim and offender. Separate crimes exist for sodomy with minors and sexual intercourse between a child under age 14 who's attacker was at least seven years older.

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Close in age exemptionscommonly californiaa as "Romeo and Juliet laws", are calidornia in place to prevent the prosecution of individuals who engage in consensual sexual activity when yexr participants are significantly close in age to each other, and one or both partners are below the age of dwting. For example, if a 17 year old had consensual sex with a 15 year old it would not jear considered statutory rape. Assuming that the victim califorjia over the calkfornia of legal consent in Nebraska, adting may be a viable defense. Nevada Olc to NRS Accordingly, sexual conduct between the parties presently is legal. However, when the male was 19 and the female was 15 sexual conduct between the two constituted statutory sexual seduction commonly known as statutory rape in most states.

New Hampshire The legal age of consent in New Hampshire is Sexual assault is motivated by sexual desire. New Jersey In New Jersey, the age of consent for sexual conduct is 16 years old. As a general matter, this means that a person who is 16 years old can generally consent to have sex with any adult, regardless of age. New Mexico In New Mexico, the age of consent is 17 years old. If an adult an individual over the age of 18 has sex with a minor between the ages of 13 and 16, the adult may be prosecuted for 4th degree criminal sexual penetration. New York In New York, the age of consent for sex is 17 years old.

This applies to men and women, and applies to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct. New York has allowances for minors who are below the age of consent but are close to the same age. This close-in-age exception exists because statutory rape laws are meant to prevent minors from being sexually exploited by adults. It is not meant to punish individuals who are close in age for engaging in consensual, non-exploitative sexual conduct. North Carolina In North Carolina, the age of consent for sexual intercourse is 16 years old. However, there are some notable exceptions. School Teacher: An employee of a school cannot have any sexual activity with any student at that school, unless they are married.

North Dakota In North Dakota, the age of consent for sexual intercourse is 18 years old. This applies to both males and females, and to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct. Violating age of consent laws is considered statutory rape. Ohio Sex with someone under the age of 16 in Ohio is presumptively statutory rape. Oklahoma In Oklahoma, the age of consent is 16, and the law recognizes an age differential of two years.

California old dating year year 16 19 old

Oregon In Oregon, the age of consent for sex is 18 datimg old. This applies to everyone; it applies to both men and women, and to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct. Pennsylvania He walked out of prison on May 3,at age 19, a free man. Upon his release from prison, Dixon enrolled at Hampton University in Virginia with a football scholarship. The Dixon case is just one in a long line of similar legal battles teens have faced in the last decade.

A Hot Topic Among Teens The recent discovery that year-old actress Jamie Califognia Spears, the sister of pop star Britney Spears, became pregnant by her year-old boyfriend has again turned consensual sex among teens into a hotly olx issue. Parents, particularly those with teenage daughters, certainly have cause for yer. Research shows that teenage girls tend to have their first sexual experience with male partners who are three or more years older. But do these dangers warrant laws that put young people in prison? Romeo and Juliet Make a Comeback Statutory rape is defined by the FBI as non-forcible sexual intercourse with a person who is younger than the statutory age of consent.

The statutory rape laws vary greatly from state to state, with more than half of the states setting the legal age of consent at 16 other states range from 14 to For the most part, there is no single age at which a person can consent to sexual activity.

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