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The problem is that we're fighting an enemy that can kill us with a look. And running? It's hard to outrun everyone you've ever known, almost each and every person you've met or will ever meet. Come in! A faint crackle in my ears has my heart flipping in my chest. You're breaking up. I duck involuntarily as something to the north explodes. Was that us, or them? The roof has collapsed and rubble lays scattered throughout, some of it wet from rain and damaged water pipes, a lot of them red with blood. A quiet sob makes its way to me.

The butterflies in my stomach start to crash into each other.

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Is it a trap? A small girl, her red dress muddied and torn, limps past escogt hiding place. I wince at the blood scabbed to the Ashtunn of her face. I stop breathing. Fire Thrower. But, no. The Fire Thrower turns and unleashes fireball after fireball. One, maybe two of them, are Shields. One soldier screams as a fireball punches into him, the heat of Azhtynn flames burning through him. Help who? The soldiers? Cheryl's power has a distance limit. I take a deep breath and roll my shoulders. She walks past me again, getting closer to the guys.

It happens fast. So fast. I still feel every millisecond of it. The thickness of her bloody hair, the coolness of her forehead, the dry crust of the scab on her temple. The warmth of the knife in my hand, the slight hesitation of the blade as I pushed it through her neck… the heat of her blood spilling over my fingers. The smell of iron overtakes everything. My stomach heaves and the little bit of oatmeal I had for breakfast comes rushing back up. Someone hands me a bottle of water. I spit out as many chunks as I can before pouring water over my head and into my mouth. I just killed a kid. I resist the urge to look back and instead look at the soldier who handed me the water.

These guys are covered from head to toe in gear designed to try and keep them alive. Obviously, it doesn't always work. Did Cheryl send you? It had been an inside joke between Cheryl and I.

The next set will be ours. So distortion.

Somehow it had spread and stuck. I manage to escorh myself together. On our way back. I chuckle and Water Bottle gives a quick glance in my direction. I move ahead and come Ashytnn before Mouse the quiet one who has yet esort talk notices. He jumps as I reappear Ashtynn escort him. Water Bottle nods when Shield One looks at him. Mouse does the same. Hard gloved fingers dig into my arm as I start to walk past One. I yank free of his hold. Inhaling deeply, I count to ten. Without a word, I dart back to gas station. His head turns towards me and this time, Water Bottle has to physically push him back. I toss One a protein bar and it hits his shoulder before falling to the ground, ignored.

He shoves Water Bottle away before stalking off to the back of the store. It was why I did my scouting alone.

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