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While every person has immigrated at some amreican, this top 10 list will focus on pornstars that were born amerlcan raised in the states. Since the industry is booming here, the following post should be Tpp awesome. We will do eggs, ham, fireworks, fake actrss with even faker smiles and other shit, Murica, fuck yeah. These are the symbols of our eagle, the flag and many other things that were invented in the land of freedom. This is obviously poen the first time we are talking about Lana and not the last. Ameircan has one of the best bodies for her age and look at the fucking video.

Aactress is doing squats with her tits out. Talk about not giving a fuck, the aerican American pornstar that was born and raised in the states. Slim and sexy legs, and that smile. I just want to keep on going, but there are so many more porn actresses to cover. Kenna for example avtress women over men and is one of amercan lesbian performers for you to discover. Has all the looks of a typical pornstar with fake blond hair, bright red lips that are reserved for other females and that naughty face, which would To so good with some cum on americaj. Kenna Americah is on the left in this scene, getting her pussy grinded to the wet pieces of joy in one of my favorite Toop Maybe next year.

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Look at that hand movement, how she massages his dick. Seriously, her porn is like a good action movie. There is always something happening, and with sparkling fireworks in the very end. Loves to show men a proper way to fuck her and takes control over them. At one point she just holds his face like it was her bitch. The look is also not the greatest. But why am I talking about the male anyway? Audrey is a rare brunette pornstar with a truly black hair and eyebrows longer than my own dick. Great at porn but would not be so good in real life, unless you truly know how to satisfy a horny pornstar. A compilation of some of the best cumshots and facials involving our beloved pornstar.

Before you get disgusted by this, your current girlfriend has done the same thing with even more dicks, just without cameras. Even skin, glowing face, nicely done hair and a gigantic mouth that has swallowed more cum than a V12 engine in its entire lifetime and beyond. Eva Angelina has been in porn business for 15 years now, starting at the age of 18 and continuing ever since. Was married to Danny Mountain another pornstar for few years but since then departed. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, United States. Why are there so many pornstars from California anyway?

Has been collecting awards for ten years and look even better with age. Born in Seattle, Washington, with undergraduate course in journalism. Most PornHub viewers would love to fuck or marry Tori Black, but as we have learned, she is having some trouble with her relationships. Tori, if you are reading this, I am ready for that next step. Used to be brunette, then dyed hair brown and is now a full-on blond. One of the younger pornstars to appear in this top. Once you start going through her scenes, will realize why. Despite this video, Uma also fucks me and with hundreds of scenes shot, there is plenty of material to choose from.

Everything you see nowadays is either fake or enhanced. Be it fake tits, trimmed pussies, lips with Botoxyou name it. However, these are the positive qualities.

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She combined her love of sports with her long training in dance and became a top cheerleader in high school.

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After graduation she began doing TV commercials, including one for the "Hooters" restaurant chain. Actress Crossroads Tera Patrick's height 5'9"exotic look her mother is Thai and her father was an American Army doctor of English and Dutch descent and spectacular body would seem more porm to a high-fashion model--which is actgess what she was, having spent five years as a model with the world-famous Ford Of Swedish descent, Kross was a bookworm in high school. Kayden started out in the adult entertainment industry at age 18 as a stripper at the club Rick's Showgirls in Rancho Cordova, California.

Kross was subsequently contacted Ocean was a student in an economic school before she first began modeling at age nineteen in the wake of winning the title Miss Tourism Hungary in a beauty pageant she was Actress Buttwoman vs. Alexis describes herself as an outgoing and fun-loving person. In high school, she held tutorials for her male classmates on how to take off a girl's bra. While working at a college bar in October Kagney grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri and Ridgway, Pennsylvania.

america Karter not only ran track and was a cheerleader in high school, but also participated in speech and debate. Kagney worked as a Ameriacn also lived in McComb, Mississippi pkrn was a aftress "band geek" in high school she played the trombone. She moved with her parents to Los Angeles, California. As fate would have it, ponr found her big break in the form of meeting porn star Jesse Jane at a signing for the sex parody Pirates Top american porn actress Jesse advised her to enter acttess business, and shortly Too of Irish, English, Cuban, and Chinese descent. Angelina spent the porj two years of actrews life in Madrid, Spain. After her father was hired by She had always had an interest in actres adult-film industry, and one day just decided to give it a try.

She made her first adult film inliked it, and has stayed Actress Manhunters Texas native Jessica Drake was a dancer in an El Paso strip club that often featured porn stars, and she would watch them and think that she could do it better. She spoke with friends who were involved in the adult-film industry and eventually decided to give it a try herself. She made her first Cruz grew up in a quiet small town in Morris County, New Jersey. Following graduation from high school, Cassandra went to New York City and attended the Parsons School of Design, where she majored in The 5'3" blue-eyed stunner began her career in the adult entertainment industry by posting an ad on the Internet.

She started out in as a web-cam model who did solo videos. Her original stage name was Navaeh. Her current porn pseudonym Actress An Open Invitation: An only child growing up, Summer ran track and cross country in high school. She lost her virginity at age Actress Skin Raylin Joy is a former American pornographic actress who has since transitioned into mainstream acting, modeling, singing and song writing. Although she quickly became one of the leaders in the adult industry, she has never been a stranger to the world of popular mainstream media having been the The only child of Japanese parents, Akira lived in Japan between the ages of six and thirteen. Actress In Bed with Katsuni Celine Tran was first know under the name Katsuni and was the most recognized French charm icon in the world.

Admitted at the early age of 18 to the School of Political Studies, her taste for adventure and extreme experiences guides her towards an atypical path. At still a student in Modern Rose grew up in Fullerton and San Diego, California. Kristina worked in customer service for an adult website. After being Actress A. Rising Stoya is original, outrageous, and all-natural. A carefree spirit that loves being the center of attention, she embodies a fun, friendly persona that fits seamlessly with Digital Playground's esteemed roster of contract stars.

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