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The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan: An Exclusive Interview with Malalai Joya

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She didn't go to school and spent her life kavul seven children with little help from her husband. Today, at 50, Shahgol Shah still obeys mahram, the Afghan custom that forbids women to leave home without a male relative. She wears a burka in public. Advertisement Koofi, 26, lives a life her mother wpman never have imagined. She leaves home unescorted every day, working at a government ministry and attending university classes at night. She speaks fluent English and has never worn a slennder. She dresses stylishly but modestly, her wavy black hair peeking from a head scarf. She chastises sexist male colleagues and demands their respect.

She insisted on a seat at a recent tribal gathering dominated by white-bearded men in turbans. She treasures her "love marriage" with Shoaib Azizi, 27, a police department employee who calls his wife "a very brave woman. Koofi came of age after the U. She has benefited from 12 years of slow, fitful gains for Afghan women. But with U. Across Kabul, Shukriya Matin also belongs to that vulnerable generation of women who have become adults in a world of new freedoms — and fear a future without them. Matin was in grade school when her family fled the Taliban in ; she was twice beaten on the street for not properly covering her hair.

For six long years, she was a low-paid child carpet weaver in Pakistan after her family fled the Taliban. She returned to Kabul after the U. Now, at 28, she directs a private hospital program in Kabul that provides maternal care to illiterate villagers.

Shukriya Matin, left, directs a private hospital program in Kabul that provides maternal care to village women. More photos Inside the neat, sparsely decorated home she shares with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Sitayesh, Matin describes her sense of dread about the future. He had his own "private militias, private jails". The constitution of Afghanistan is irrelevant in these private fiefdoms. Joya discovered just what this meant when she started to set up the clinic - and a local warlord announced that it would not be allowed, since she was a woman, and a critic of fundamentalism. She did it anyway, and decided to fight this fundamentalist by running in the election for the Loya jirga "meeting of the elders" to draw up the new Afghan constitution.

There was a great swelling of support for this girl who wanted to build a clinic -- and she was elected. She could see the men who invited Osama bin Laden into the country, the men who introduced the misogynist laws later followed by the Taliban, the men who had massacred Afghan civilians. Some had got there by intimidating the electorate, others by vote-rigging, and yet more were simply appointed by Hamid Karzai, the former oilman installed by the US army to run the country. She thought of an old Afghan saying: But then, she says, "I remembered the oppression we face as women in my country, and my nervousness evaporated, replaced by anger. They are responsible for our situation now It is they who turned our country into the centre of national and international wars.

They are the most anti-women elements in our society who have brought our country to this state and they intend to do the same again They should instead be prosecuted in the national and international courts. They began to shriek and howl, calling her a "prostitute" and "infidel", and throwing bottles at her. One man tried to punch her in the face. Her microphone was cut off and the jirga descended into a riot. For fundamentalists, a women is half a human, meant only to fulfil a man's every wish and lust, and to produce children and toil in the home. They could not believe that a young woman was tearing off their masks in front of the eyes of the Afghan people.

She had to be placed under immediate armed guard -- but she refused to be protected by American troops, insisting on Afghan officers. Her speech was broadcast all over the world -- and cheered in Afghanistan. She was flooded with support from the people of her country, delighted that somebody had finally spoken out. One dirt-poor village pooled its cash to send a delegate hundreds of miles across the country to explain how pleased they were. An extremely old woman was brought to her in a rickety wheelbarrow, and she explained she had lost two sons -- one to the Soviets, one to the fundamentalists.

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She told Joya: When I heard about you and what you said, I knew that I had to meet you. God must protect you, my dear. I have suffered so much in my life, and my last wish is that you accept this gift from me. He who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal. But she says plainly, with her Hot slender woman in kabul clenched: This is not democracy. I am one of the very few people here who has been genuinely elected. One warlord, Abdul Sayyaf, yelled a threat at her. Joya looked him straight in the eye and said: I feel proud that even though I have no private army, no money, and no world powers behind me, these brutal despots are afraid of me and scheme to eliminate me.

He is "a shameless puppet" who will win next month's presidential elections because "he hasn't yet stopped working for his masters, the US and the warlords At this point in our history, the only people who get to serve as president are those selected by the US government and the mafia that holds power in our country. When she did speak, she could be brutally honest. Roya got accepted to medical school but she did the unheard of -- she chose art school. In her second year of university, the Taliban seized Herat and shut down all education and work for females. My cousins were devastated. Their parents hired private tutors but they were trapped at home.

Roya showed me how she turned to religion when the Taliban hijacked Islam. She painted oil on canvas, the image of a woman behind bars with her tears dropping on to the kabbah, believed to be the house of God in Mecca. She was pious — prayed five times a day, fasted regularly -- but by no means was she submissive. She finished art school and got a job with a telephone company. It paid the bills. She knew her passion, art, would not make her a living. She and I formed a deep friendship through the years as I traveled back and forth to Heratbetween and She was my confidante, we had a kinetic connection. Sometimes when I sat deep in thought, she knew what was on my mind.

The night before we had watched a report on Herat TV about the increasing number of women self-immolating to escape forced marriages. And the worst part is. Life Wishes I asked her one starry night on the orchard patio, "What's your ultimate wish in life? I'm a woman without a foreign passport. They are coming to accept that they may never leave Patras. His eyes blaze with hope. If anyone can make it to Italy, they say, Sayed can. He has dreams of becoming a soccer star. For 35 years, Afghans have been leaving their poor and troubled country. During the 10 years of resistance to the Soviet invasion, an estimated six million people out of a population of nearly 30 million left — most to Pakistan.

When the Soviets pulled out, a bloody civil war followed and many more fled, seeking refuge. This was followed by the scorched-earth fundamentalist rule of the Taliban from to Following the attack on the World Trade Center, a U. Throughout, Afghan refugees were the most numerous in the world. Now, after the coalition forces — Canada, the U. In2. Last year, 25, asylum claims were made by unaccompanied minors in 77 countries, most of them by Afghan children. Officially, according to the Greek government, 2, Afghan migrants — including Sayed — have arrived so far in Greece in Greece is the most indebted nation in southern Europe. Youth unemployment is about 58 per cent. Shops are empty.

Potholes riddle the roads and graffiti is scrawled on walls and buildings in almost every Greek town. Yet it falls to Greece — and its similarly challenged neighbour Italy — to absorb more thantransient migrants. Its social welfare programs are beyond stretched. Greece is supposed to provide migrants under 18 — like Sayed — with shelter, food and schooling.

She lets else unescorted every day, reality at a tight womann and attending reboot tuples at night. Two outlines ago, after a European man was fatally ratified, uncommon by three Possible migrants, a mob led by the far-right neo-Nazi call Golden Dawn descended on the most throwing Molotov stickers and half receipts.

But the dire economy has meant that boys wait in adult detention centres for months until a wooman opens in a youth home. Sometimes, they are released and left to make their own Hkt, disappearing out of sight from society. Beside the building is a field of overgrown weeds and scraggly trees. A crude path of dirt, thick wooden planks, rocks and old tires leads you through the thick bushes and buzzing mosquitoes. If you pass, the man takes you inside the compound of gutted buildings that house dozens of men. There are no windows, no doors and no furniture. Plastic water bottles, cans, food wrappers, broken glass and other garbage are heaped in the corners.

A man who looks to be in his late 40s, a rainbow-coloured linen scarf thrown jauntily around his neck, wheels up with a smile and a greeting. His legs, malformed by polio, are curled underneath him as he expertly steers an old steel wheelchair around the yard. He is the leader and everyone defers to him. He wheels protectively over to Sayed, who is standing by the wall beside a teenage boy whose arms are set in once-white casts. Two months ago, he slipped through a hole in the fence and he stowed underneath a truck bound for Venice. After 24 hours, a worker found him. The police sent me to a hot room in a small place on the boat.

They gave me water and bread. Italian authorities sent him back to Patras.

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