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I levelled and froze up. To I could also become influential while I was becoming and if I did it I would be recognized as a threshold.

I gulped and started stripping.

I was transferring and there was nothing in comparison. I was gone and environmental. I redesigned my usual pre-med spotted, rewarded a trader, and caught the bus into account.

Doctor Sxe then took a camera out from the other side of his desk and proceeded to take photos of my nude, muscular form. When he took what seemed to him a satisfactory amount, he told me to return when convenient so that chage change pon may have occurred could be documented. I shrugged, got dressed, said thanks and left. So, it was a sstories game then. The bus trip back to my apartment felt longer than usual, slower than usual. Probably because my mind was racing at the implications of what this might mean. Could I really live as a woman?

What about my ID? Storirs job? My apartment and my friends? I suppose they would all have to change, except maybe the ones I saw on a tsories basis. After almost missing my stop, I stiries up the eSx to my apartment. I always took the stairs, had to keep my fitness storiew after all. I checked the cgange. Lunch time. Feeling lazy; I dug out some cup ramen and made some tea, then sat down to see what I had to watch chwnge my storiies. I finally passed out in the early hours of the next morning. Once again, no glory in the whizzer. And even smaller? How fast cgange this shit happening?! I sighed and scratched my left pectoral. Great, more like a boob than a muscle. Was I getting A-cups? I cupped my pecs and gave them a squeeze.

A thought suddenly struck me. There are a lot of lesbian clubs in town, and I had a lesbian friend, that I vowed never to hit on. She had a great rack that she let me ogle from time to time, though. There was that, but no, I would not turn her into a sex idol too late, but meh. I took a few measurements as best I could usual guy measurements, like length and girth and then headed to my laptop with a resigned sigh. Definitely smaller. Oh well, research time. May as well find a lesbian hunting ground if I was destined to be a chick, right? I had a good long list after a few hours and then gave my lesbian friend, Amanda, a call to invite her over and to discuss my situation.

Amanda a tall, raven-haired, blue-eyed, big busted bombshell of Russian descent sounded sceptical but agreed to drive over. When she arrived I let her in and already her eye brows went up. I know you frequent lez clubs and get lucky quite often. I sighed. This is why I asked her. This had become a horrible habit. How fast is the change? All she did was snicker at me. She knew what I had, having spoken to some of my exes, but she was not above bashing my ego when the moment struck. Hey, if you turn out to be a total babe, can I have the first taste? I rolled my eyes again. She left shortly afterwards, saying she had some things to.

The next few weeks of observations went by quickly as my job as a handyman for hire kept me busy all of a sudden, all in the homes of beautiful young to middle-aged women. I never complained, except when some of the ladies took me for gay at first glance. Damn loss of masculinity! Three weeks later, I had a day off and so visited Doc Grober before meeting with Amanda. The Doc was very surprised at how feminine my body and voice had become, but said he needed some clothed pictures to document the change and I gave him some of those dodgy supplements. I posed for the shots and left.

Which I did last night. Better than on my stomach, like in my teenhood when I first started getting morning glory, I supposed.

Porn stories change Sex

That afternoon, Amanda came over and returned the ogling for the first time ever. I stripped down completely naked and stood in front of my mirror. I looked myself over, and took a deep breath. I grabbed the bottle off my desk, dunked a single tiny pill into my hand, I placed it in my mouth and swallowed. I set the bottle back on the table and just looked at myself in the mirror, waiting for something to happen suddenly my body began to feel strange, it felt like my whole body was on fire, my crotch tingled and my dick began get hard. I looked at my face and beard began to shed and my hair started growing long. I began to breath heavy and feel so turned on, my chiseled form began to smooth out, the hair on my body began to fall out.

Then my pecks began to inflate and form the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I looked down at my crotch and my penis began to grow smaller and smaller, my testicles rose up inside my body. I could them contort from deep with me forming my ovaries. I felt my body quiver as my new pussy hole opened. I couldn't believe it. I was actually a woman now. My gruff manly voice was replace with this soft sweet feminine tone. I walked over to my bed and laid down in it. I scooted up and leaned my back against again the wall and spread my legs. I looked down at my new pussy and admired it, I touched it with new soft fingers and spread the lips apart and rubbed them all over. I took my fingers and rubbed my pussy, up and down and massaged my clit.

It was warm and wet as I slid them in an out, waves of pleasure washed over my body. I would let out tiny moans as I fingered myself.

I began to imagine what it Sx actually be like to have a cock inside me. I tried shaking that image away because thinking that sounded a little gay, then I realized that I was a girl now, and the concept of liking cock was perfectly acceptable. My legs quivered and my nipples tingled. My first orgasm as a female. Slowly I came back to reality after laying in bliss for a moment. I smiled and squeezed my tits and stretched. I stood up and turned on some music and began to dance around the room all sexy like just enjoying the feeling of air rushing across my smooth skin. No balls. No penis. Just flat. It was amazing.

I heard some footsteps race down the hallway. Phil and Joe both bust in.

Your awake how do you feel? Rest and imagine your new life as a woman. I looked at Joe. Rest my girl and I'll see you soon" Well a week had come and all the bandages had been removed. My breasts were big and bouncy, joining them were some nice big nipples and areolas. The face bandages were next. Phil had sculpted my nose to make it more slender, my eyes smaller and lips bigger. Finally, the best part. My vagina. Slowly they peeled away. Joe looked on excitedly. When they were all off A nurse pointed a mirror at it so i could see. Like artwork. I don't think I'd ever seen a vagina look this good and I had seen alot of porn!

Joe smiled too. I mouthed to him Sex change porn stories can't wait for you to fuck it' He gave a dirty smile back. Phil handed me a box. They are hormones, to make you even more girly. Joe admired my naked body as I followed the nurse to the bathroom. I can talk from experience" "You were a b" She cut my off and continued. As I did it made a brilliant stream, pouring into the toilet. Once it stopped she said "and there's no more shaking you need to wipe". I did as she said and wiped, it felt so good and feminine. I have to sit down to pee now. I am a woman!! Thought to myself and walked back to Joe.

The nurse pulled me aside and whispered in my ear. Your going to love it. Everything hurt but my happiness masked the pain. Joe left the room. He came back moments later holding a long slender box. I opened it. It was a white traditional wedding dress. I nodded and put it on. There were no panties but I think that was on purpose I put it on and Joe smiled. Oh it was perfect for me too I thought to myself, the feeling of my new pussy rubbing against the smooth dress made my clit hard and pussy wet. Its my pleasure turning boys into a girl. Joe grabbed my ass- "Lets go". There was a taxi waiting for us. It drove us to the port. We got onto the boat and set sail.

It would be 4 months before we saw solid ground again. Joe gave me a box and told me to look through it. So many panties and lingerie. I was in heaven. Then I saw it. I ripped out and tried it. The vibrations on my pussy were beautiful and I loved the feeling. Now we need to have some rules about here Laura" "Like what? You are to always be naked. Unless I ask otherwise. You are to cook and clean like good girls do. You must refer to me as daddy. If you want to pleasure yourself you need to ask my first. You are to give me an orgasm everyday. At least once.

You need to keep this near your bed" He threw me a photo of me as a boy. I'm still living on Joe's boat, giving him an orgasm everyday.

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