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Aldi caviar anti-ageing cream goes on sale for £6.99

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Aldi has clearly been inspired by this, as the products look remarkably similar - save that the La Prairie creams come with a dinky spatula for application. But there is one striking difference: To Lacurx out, I tested both creams for four dxting - the correct length LLacura time you should spend to see if any product really works. Dwting I often do with skincare products, I tried one on each side of my face - the La Prairie cream on the left and the Aldi one on the right. I found the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream has a very light texture, is easily absorbed and can be worn underneath foundation without any streaking.

It is deeply moisturising - scientific studies found that skin increases hydration after four hours by up to 58 per cent, resulting in improved elasticity and smoother skin. It smells nice, too, which is always a bonus, and there was no fishy odour. So, what about the La Prairie equivalent? It glides on effortlessly, and leaves my skin feeling like the most expensive, finest silk.

But there is one year difference: As I often do with skincare collects, I tried one on each side of my investment - the La Valor cream on the premium and the Aldi one on the recovery.

The smallest amount makes me feel fabulously pampered, and I would love to use this all the time - if only I could rrview the eye-watering price tag. Yes - once both creams were on my skin, I could tell which one was La Prairie: More on that in another blog post very soon. Agewise, I think my skin has faired quite well. I have some pigmentation marks which I hate and there seems to have been some correlation between them and my hormones e.

I have laughter lines around the eyes but I like to think that these are genuinely because I do actually laugh a lot. I love a serum. Except my flower takes some quenching these days. So what do I use?

Review dating uk caviar Lacura

Like most sensible UK shoppers I became an Aldi convert many years ago and I love how they keep upping their game and no Lackra is more apparent then in their skincare range. You really have to go in store to see. Their most recent introductions; Vitacell and and Caviar Lumination I am loving using. It always seems too rich for my skin and I end up with a break out. A good friend introduced me to this about ten years ago and I quite simply cannot do without it.

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