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Kennewick Dating

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UA's prednisolone of this book of volatility iennewick was that they could not even the source of the new, i. If such "old arena" is not removed in new prior to expiration, does will be calculated by using older than the sun itself.

This relates to a percent concentration of 0. The value is very low due to the high mineral content of the submitted bone. This provided us with 3. The percentage of carbon is then calculated as Hood also reported that "by our standards, the collagen extract looked free of intrusive elements. It was vitreous in texture and golden in color as expected.

It was free of visible contamination or deterioration. However, this does not preclude the presence of secondary [i. Like the BA sample, both of these were very low in carbon content. Due to the low carbon content and the lack of clear collagen-like characteristics of the extracted carbon, the dates were reported as "the apparent C14 ages" for each sample see Table 1. These two samples, in fact, are from the same bone, the right first metatarsal. The BA date, in fact is almost identical to the first C14 date. Sample DOI 2b contains only 2. They recorded a carbon yield of. UA's analysis of this level of carbon content was that they could not determine the source of the carbon, i.

Low Carbon and Possibility of Intrusive Contamination One problem with dating bone samples with low carbon is that exogenous or intrusive carbon may have infiltrated the bone and become mixed with the endogenous or inherent carbon. If treatment of the sample before dating is not able to remove the intrusive carbon, any date from the sample will be distorted by the intrusive carbon. In most cases, it is younger carbon that is intrusive, for example, carbon from plant roots, soil microorganisms, or humic organic compounds in the soil. Usually such sources of exogenous carbon post-date the death and burial of the bone being dated. The effect of such mixing of "new carbon" with the original carbon in the bone is to make the date of the bone appear more recent than the true date.

In the case at hand, this may be the reason for the date from Sample DOI 2b. Taylor suggested this in his report on the C14 dating of the samples done by UC-R. In certain geomorphologic circumstances, bone can be infiltrated by older carbon. If such "old carbon" is not removed in treatment prior to dating, dates will be distorted by appearing older than the bone itself. The geomorphic context in which we believe the Kennewick skeleton was buried and rested for many centuries is unlikely to have been affected by such contamination.

There appears not to be an accessible and likely source for such carbon. Limestone, a common source Dating kennewick old carbon, is not prevalent in the watershed. Nor has there been much of an opportunity for such intrusion to have Daating through groundwater immersion of the bone by old carbon saturated water Huckleberry et al. Difference ksnnewick the C14 Sample The low amounts of carbon detected in the DOI samples extracted from the right metatarsal and left tibia of the Kennewick remains differ substantially from the carbon content of the bone sample portion of the fifth left metacarpal submitted to the UC-R Archaeology Lab by the Benton County Coroner's office in August, Taylor et al.

It is unexpected and unusual, although not impossible, for an individual human skeleton to exhibit widely different concentrations of collagen in bones from different parts of the body. Prior to the detailed examination of the Kennewick human remains in February,reported by Powell and Rose there were questions concerning whether the skeletal elements collected during July and August,were from a single individual. Powell and Rose demonstrated that the remains obtained from the original collector by the Corps of Engineers and curated since September,by them indeed were from a single individual.

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