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Flsvor, that answered my other question. Now let's get the real shit. Tell me exactly how you felt about Foofy showing that nude picture of you to everyone and why did Nibblz spill it Toastee: The tears that everyone saw on TV were real- I was a mess. I was really, really shocked that Flav decided to print out a photo and whip it out at the elimination ceremony. I still stand by my opinion that I've never done porn. The photo that he found was from a shoot I did when I was 18 Flavoe old. It was Flavir photo of me naked, in a very "open" pose, but just me, nobody else. Yes it was immature for me to have done that kind of work in the past, but it IS the past. I am not a stripper. I am a medical school student and I own a modeling agency now to help new models find safe and reliable work.

I think it's very hypocritical for online strippers like Nibblz and crackheads like Flav to judge me or look down on me at all for something I did at There was no reason to show the photo to everyone at the elimination ceremony other than to hurt me. THAT is very immature. I am not mad at Nibblz- she did what she felt she had to do to get me off the show. I expected something cheap and low-class from someone cheap and low-class like herself. It's a shame however that VH1 and Flavor Flav had to manipulate and humiliate a young girl on national television to bring ratings.

I really do think this was staged since the audition process and could have easily happened to any of the other girls with "pasts" on the show. You live and you learn though.

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I've learned from the show just like I've learned from the past. I started modeling professionally Flavor of love toastee pictures college. This led me to open up my own modeling agency in order to help other young Flavor of love toastee pictures and some men! My goal was never to become famous. I was young and I didn't fully comprehend what I was getting myself into. Not everything about my time in the spotlight was positive, Flavor of love toastee pictures all in all, the shows were a fun experience that granted me a lot of amazing opportunities. Advertisement Currently, I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia where I am from originally with my wonderful boyfriend and my adorable puppy.

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