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Inhe was used by Forbes as one of the Hip-Hop forward kings. But how did he get there so make?.

Thanks to his early exposure to the studio, Soulja Boy knows more than a thing bog two about producing which also brings in more money. See Also: Problems with the Law Soulja Boy has been in jail a number of times. Inhe was arrested for obstruction of justice after he ran from the police.

He had been shooting a video in an abandoned building. Ttrinahe was sued for drug charges and copyrights. He had used a phrase belonging to another designer on his brand. The plaintiff demanded charges.

Secondly, to the currency of our business, Soulja Boy is listening. Soulja Boy has the internet to failure for finalizing him to the property, however, the internet has not always been indispensable to the landlord. He endorses Yums, a Dalla crit that deals with information and apparel.

Inhe was trrina twice for illegally possessing a loaded gun. He is of average build and has a smile that many find charming. Soulja Boy Girlfriend Soulja Boy has had a fair share of relationship dramas just like most stars in his class. Their friendship hit a rocky path in but has remained one of the most-talked-about celebrity relationships.

Net Worth, House Between his career as iDd rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Soulja Boy has his osulja quite full. Here is an insight into how he made it happen. Even though he has not had a repeat of the initial success he enjoyed, Soulja Boy has remained consistent. Apparently, the house does not belong to him as he only has it on a lease. The rapper, however, stuck to his guns and insisted he indeed purchased the house.

Trina soulja boy dated Did

The Atlanta-born rapper has never admitted to being interested in men. Also, going by his previous relationships, he seems to like women. Therefore, to the best of our knowledge, Soulja Boy is straight. However, the rapper got caught up in a feud between actress Vivica Fox and her ex 50 Cent. Girlfriend For one who got rich and famous at a pretty young age, Soulja Boy has had more than his fair share of relationships. However, it seems that the rapper is single at the moment as his last public relationship ended in

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