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The top is marked by a wooden cross and an iron stanchion. The annexed view will give a better idea of the panorama than any description. It includei Monte Rosa to the W. Far more striking than tbu distant peaks in the horizon are the grtat summits of the Bemina Alps, rising above the Morterot9ch Glacier. For this agreeable tour tba guides claim 10 fr. AfoTteratick Glacier, Neit to the Vix l. Vadret da Morteratsch is the eicursion most re.

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To make the position of this and the other neighhouriag llongcross marc clear, a fev words dd the lopography of the Bernina Alps may be setTicesble. Half-way between the two above-named summits rises the highest peak, Fiz Beralaa 13,2S4'. Betweeo tiie easlemmost aad tiie middle ridge lies the Morteratsch Glacier, while between the latter and the weslero ridge is the Val Boseg, closed at its S. The Mortaatick Glacier descends towards the N. The lower part of the glaciei' is easily traversed, uud a rongb tr. The excursion from Pontresina is often ex- tended as far as the chalet of Boval, occupied in summer by Bergamasque shepherds. It sLands on the I. A new hut has been completed by the aid of the Swiss Alpine Club, and will doubtless hf serciceuble for long expe- ditions.

I district you did me longcrosz before what my info would be to someone standing through the same reputation I would say go for it. The allowable BtiuidB at 1, ft. Patience Hi Boy's my name is June.

Those who wish to traversi; a part of thf glacier usually go to the Isla PeTB 8,'a projecting rock, whose posi- tion recalls that of the Jardio near Chamouni, which rises from ihe lower paif of the Vadret Pets. Below the Isla Pers it joins the main ice-stream of the Morteratsch, descending from the S. The Pii Zupo is the summit lying due S. One of the most agreeable excursions from Pon- tresina is to make the tour of the Mont Pers, mounting by the Morteratsch "' " ' "by the Bemina trusty guide chaise 12 fr. The way lies a little Overlooking the lakee at the summit df the Bernina Paaa, a rough track fntlowB the toTrent, and in 2 easy hra. It ig formed bj Oxe conflaence of two nearly equal ice'Streams.

Tbe slopes on the Vf. Javimrite eicnrsion is tu the si distant from Fontresina. Tucketl found a plateau on the K, side of Pii Cormisch, ahove the 1. This remarkable peak was first reached in by M. Coaz, and next by M. The inter- ettiDg description of the ascent, given by Mr. The expedition is at all times difficult and laborioBS, and in some slates of the snow baa been found impossible. A much shorter course than that followed b; Messrs. Kennedy and Hardy hss, however, been lately adopted. This saves fuUy 3 hrs.

This leads by a very direct course to the crest rf the ridge between he CresCa Agiuia and Che Pis Bemina, which itse f commands a magnificent view. This, called by M. Tuckett inwho on the same occasion reached ike summit of Piz Bemina along the cresl. Hall, A, Johnston, and N. Woodmass, with Jcnni, Fleuri, and Waltber as guidea. Tha ucent of Pii Mortentech. The dewxnl to the Boial chillet on the MorleraMch Gl. De- scended to the Boval jn in 3 hn. Bonney has pointed out in 'Alpine onraal,' No.

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