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One is the virtual currency: They have first choice on expiry and in distribution. The law can be unfair very often to harass, and enough money on somebody who is also on the thin dichotomy anyway.

Census estimates of aggregate wages and salaries, the largest component of income, were slightly higher 1. This was partially offset by the difference Overall, estimates of aggregate employment income or earnings were nearly identical 0. Employment Insurance benefits reported in the census were smaller by 6. Census estimates of aggregate child benefits were 2. Overall, census estimates of aggregate income from all government transfer payments were lower by The census estimate of aggregate investment income in was slightly lower This is a significant improvement when compared to previous census comparisons. SLID estimates reflect adjustments made for population undercoverage, while census estimates do not include such an adjustment.

This adjustment contributes to census estimates showing fewer income recipients However, due to higher average amounts, census estimates of aggregate earnings are 2. Most of the observed provincial differences were considered acceptable in the light of sampling errors in the Survey. The all-person low income prevalence rates for Canada excluding the Territories were almost identical in both sources for the before-tax measure at For more information on factors that may explain such variances in census data, such as response errors and processing errors, please refer to the Census Dictionary, Appendix B Data quality, sampling and weighting, confidentiality and random rounding.

Broad occupational category A - Management occupations Census data for occupation groups in Broad occupational category A - Management occupations should be used with caution. Some coding errors were made in assigning the appropriate level of management, e. Some non-management occupations have also been miscoded to management due to confusion over titles such as program manager and project manager. Data users may wish to use data for management occupations in conjunction with other variables such as Income, Age and Education. Census family A census family refers to a married couple with or without children of either or both spousesa couple living common-law with or without children of either or both partners or a lone parent of any marital status, with at least one child living in the same dwelling.

A couple may be of opposite or same sex. Comparability of Place of work data Working at home can be measured in different ways. In the census, the 'Worked at home' category includes persons who live and work at the same physical location, such as farmers, teleworkers and work camp workers. In addition, the Census Guide instructed persons who worked part of the time at home and part of the time at an employer's address to indicate that they 'Worked at home' if most of their time was spent working at home e. However, the survey data are not directly comparable to the census data since the surveys ask respondents whether they did some or all of their paid work at home, whereas the census asks them where they usually worked most of the time.

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Clexrwater, census estimates on work at home are lower than survey estimates. The place-of-work question has remained in 346622 the same format in each census since However, inthe category 'No fixed workplace address' replaced 'No usual place of work. In previous censuses, respondents were asked to write 'No usual place of work' in the address fields. It is believed that previous celarwater have undercounted the number of persons with 'No fixed workplace address. Dwelling universe The dwelling universe pertains to characteristics of dwellings in Canada. Dwellings are distinct from households. Dwelling characteristics refer to the physical attributes of i set of living quarters, whereas household characteristics pertain to the person or the group of persons other than cleqrwater or foreign residents who occupy a dwelling.

Earnings historical clearwate Due to improved collection methodology, income and earnings data from the Census is more complete, precise and less subject to rounding than in prior censuses. In the Scientology religion, the scriptures are all the spoken and written words of L. Ron Hubbard. The scriptures include millions of written words contained in books, films, various forms of issues, and writings and several thousand tape recorded lectures. This is the Hubbardian mindset which directed the criminal acts of the now-defunct GO, and which continues to direct the acts of all Hubbard's corporations today, both profit and non-profit.

Two Sea Org Officers and I spoke on the dock one evening. They were both flying out the next day to Los Angeles, on a Hubbard assignment. They told me that Hubbard ordered them to shoot up Jack Horner, who lived in Los Angeles, a suppressive person whom Hubbard had personally declared some years earlier. Both men had hand guns and would travel with them. They left After their debrief they told me that Horner had indeed been shot at multiple times, while he and his family were in their home one evening. Fortunately, no one had been hurt.

Scientologists, knowing their vulnerability to a motion for costs, attorneys' fees and sanctions based on bad faith litigation tactics and use of litigation for improper purposes, are attempting to rewrite Hubbard's criminal policies. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody In the edition of the Technical Bulletin Volumes, the article also appears without the quote, attached hereto as Exhibit That Scientologists and the general public only see the watered down version sincedoes not negate or minimize the validity of the original Hubbard order. Nor does it prevent CSI from continuing to silence its critics by the misuse of the litigation process.

It states, "Dear Mike: This group is now called Office of Special Affairs OSA is the entity responsible for carrying out "Fair Game" on critics and suppressive persons, and injuring, tricking, suing, lying or destroying them. It directs all litigation activities. Lubell Memorandum of Points, page 10and that the deponents have no relevance to the case J. Lubell Memorandum of Points, page Kendrick Moxon, CSI attorney, in his Declaration of February 14, filed herein, accuses Geertz's counsel of improper and abusive discovery tactics and seeking to provoke disputes and incite hostility K. Miscavige, in his Declaration of February 17,filed herein, protests he is accused of evading service D. Miscavige declaration page 2that he never received a subpoena see D.

Miscavige declaration page 8and, that by attending the Corydon vs. CSI deposition, he was rewarded by being served with subpoenas in disrelated matters Miscavige declaration page 9. The truth is these tactics are common litigation practice by CSI attorneys and related personnel. They are sourced in Hubbard's policies and bulletins, attached hereto as Exhibits 8 to 16, as they were in the heyday of the Free casual sex in clearwater fl 34622 GO. Their compliance in the present is unquestioningly demanded just as it was then. My husband and I became well acquainted with "Fair Game" tactics over the past seven years. We work with families who have a loved one in CSI, and at their request, conduct voluntary interventions during which the loved one can obtain information to make a more informed choice about his affiliations.

Because of this, Mr. Moxon and other CSI lawyers and hordes of their P. Despite all their posturing, neither CSI, RTC or any other Scientology organization has presented one bit of evidence to back their allegations. Because we do not do the actions of which they accuse us. InP. Al Bei of Ingram Detective Agency, called upon Jerry's elderly father in New Mexico, falsely representing himself as a Federal Investigator, saying that Jerry's father could answer questions about Jerry then and there or else be subpoenaed to answer the questions in a California court. Al Bei also divulged personal information about Jerry to his father which could only have come from Jerry's confidential priest-penitent CSI preclear folder.

Attached hereto as Exhibit Jerry's sister also wrote a report on the incident, attached hereto as Exhibit My husband's name was one of ten top suspects. It did not, though, match my husband's printing. We took the opportunity to educate both men on CSI's "Fair Game" tactics and harassment operations, such as the Free casual sex in clearwater fl 34622 bomb threat manufactured by Scientologists against New York freelance writer, Paulette Cooper, who was a very vocal Scientology critic in the s and the years of unmitigated harassment they dealt her, attached here to as Exhibit 41, transcript of Cooper's testimony in the Clearwater, Florida, hearings into CSI.

Over five years, CSI at least has compiled dossiers of spurious information on my husband and me. They are evolving documents, sometimes distributed as a dossier on each of us, sometimes as one on both of us. The latest edition is attached herein as Exhibit Sinceinnumerable copies have been handed in person or mailed to our friends, colleagues, associates, and even people we do not know in the USA, England and Australia. I found dossiers about me in the ladies washroom. Dossiers about my husband were found in the men's washroom. Scientologists handed copies of the packs to conference attendees. Insomeone impersonating my husband called American Express and obtained three months worth of our statements.

In someone called inquiring into other credit cards. In the same occurred. Repeated attempts were made for more than five years to obtain our phone account information, and failing that, to determine what calls we make to certain area codes at certain times. Someone was trying to find out which phone numbers we called long distance, and therefore which families we were working with. Between andat least fifty of our family members, friends, acquaintances and associates, including people we did not know up to that point, were phoned or visited by CSI hired Private Investigator John J.

Gaw, and at times other P. The P. Duringin England, we worked with a family whose son was a Scientologist. Someone impersonating my husband's elderly father called an English friend begging and pleading for our phone number in England, saying it was a matter of great urgency. Our friend finally gave the number, thinking the caller was genuine. We were under heavy P. The surveillance continued around the clock for a week. Our landlady was followed when she went shopping. The police investigated. They found the report false. In Augustmy husband was subpoenaed in, Friend vs.

Church of Scientology International. Even though my husband never met or spoke with Roxanne Friend and provided a declaration to that effect, he was the first person to be subpoenaed, attached hereto as Exhibit In latesomeone called a friend of ours in England, long distance. The person, identifying himself only as an interviewer from a New York TV station, said he was calling urgently for Hana Whitfield and needed to know my phone number and location in England. Someone was trying to locate us and find out which family we were working with. We receive many phone calls from families requesting information on Scientology and assistance. We learned rapidly to determine which calls were genuine and which were not.

We were under surveillance for months on and off. In I had three to five cars, as well as two people on motor bikes, monitoring me all at the same time. We were photographed and video taped innumerable times and also covertly tape recorded many times. John Gaw filed a complaint with the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners in Sacramento, attached hereto as Exhibit 44, that we practice counseling or interventions without a license. We don't counsel, now have we ever called ourselves counselors. Nothing came of the report. The Zoning Commission said our neighbors were complaining because there were too many people visiting our home.

We have very few visitors, a friend now and then, and are on extremely good terms with our neighbors. So we knew the complaint was false. Scientologists falsely defamed my husband as a child beater, a wife beater, a drug dealer, addict and thief. They falsely accused him of "stealing" Narconon, a CSI front group and drug treatment center, attached in Exhibit 42, page 1. Scientologists accuse me of potential violence because I took Prozac. However, what it did was help resolve the chronic, debilitating depression and mental "fragmentation" brought on by Hubbard's dangerous auditing techniques and CSI's intense high demands, duress and manipulations.

We were repeatedly called kidnappers and deprogrammers and accused of "brutally ripping peoples' beliefs from their minds," in CSI publications and on TV and radio programs. In we were sued for "false imprisonment," attached hereto as Exhibit 45, by Scientologist Casillas "Casillas"who ran surveillance on my husband and me for days. Casillas was then released, attached hereto as Exhibit The result? We were sued. Earlier, my husband, I and Mr. Harmon, arranged an intervention after which Curtis left CSI. So Curtis went through ten hours of video deposition in which he was asked the same questions repeatedly. Afterwards, he was given an affidavit, attached hereto as Exhibit 47, which drafted and typed for Curtis' signature.

It contained statements contrary to those he said in the deposition, but, because he was exhausted and afraid of losing his mother, he signed. On the 23rd March, Curtis wrote a second affidavit in Seattle to correct the first, attached hereto as Exhibit 48, stating, " I was asked the same question over and over in many different ways until I agreed to one small part of what they were talking about, but then it would be twisted to fit what they wanted to hear. Even when I would say I didn't really remember or didn't really know for sure, it would end up in the Affidavit anyway. Harmon affidavit of March 23,page 1. IRS case, and the Kevin Harness vs. Cult Awareness Network, et al.

The two subpoenas were handed to each of us three times that day by three different people, once in Logan Airport, Boston, by an OSA staff member, Jane Parker, a second time by a man as we waited to board our plane, and the third time by Scientologist Andrew Bagley and another man after we arrived at LAX airport. My husband and I were non parties. Cult Awareness Network case. On May 4,our attorney filed a protective order, attached herein as Exhibit 50, Protective Order of 4 Maypages 4 to 9. Miscavige claims in his February 17, declaration that he was "rewarded after deposition in Corydon vs. CSI by having plaintiff's counsel serve me with various subpoenas in other disrelated matters.

Moxon in a CSI vs. IRS case. We were non parties. The questions were irrelevant, harassing and went into irrelevant issues. Moxon then served us with subpoenas in another unrelated case. IRS case - I don't know title or number. I was a non party. On June 30,my husband and I were deposed in the Harness vs. Cult Awareness Network combined case as non-parties.

One constituted the practice of "Not Game. The clearwaetr were threatened: Scientologists consent that ended exposure to the OT gold materials will go anyone, mid their parishioners, great source harm and overseas central.

Se my husband nor I know Mr. Cult Awareness Network Et Al as non-parties. Due Free casual sex in clearwater fl 34622 harassment my husband experienced in his deposition, our attorney filed a Protective Order for me, attached herein as Exhibit 51, clearwaer my husband was subjected to extensive harassment regarding clezrwater only our intervention activities but also our confidential financial affairs and associations, even though the court ordered all allegations about casuql and exit counseling to be stricken. 3422 of the questioning was discoverable as a matter of right. It was clear we were being sought for clearwatwr improper purpose. This dasual blatantly and completely false.

Ingroups of people, among them Scientologists, demonstrated outside our home in Silverlake, Los Angeles, waving placards stating "Hate On [sic] get out of Silverlake" and "Stop religious bigotry. They falsely state that we are violent kidnappers, our actions are terroristic, that I Feee to kill my cleareater with a gun then changed my name and fled South Africa. These actions are the practices of "Fair Game. CSI lawyer, Jonathon Lubell, says in his February 16, Memorandum of Points and Authorities, attached herein, that CSI religious tenets and scriptures have been assailed page 2that certain religious writings called upper level materials Ffee held to be strictly confidential as a matter of religious precept page 12that there is a precise path to spiritual freedom that one walks one FFree at a time i 13 clearwatdr, non-party entertainers who have clerawater achieved this level will be at risk page CSI lawyer, Tim Bowles, states in his February 16, declaration that the insertion of altered or recreated versions of CSI's upper level scriptures Frre the court record would violate the religion's deep belief that such are confidential page 5.

Both the above statements are invalid and attempt to cloud the Courts perception of these upper level scriptures or materials. They are strictly confidential within CSI. A Scientologist se only get onto a higher OT level by satisfactorily completing the earlier one and paying for cleaarwater next one. OT 1, in casuao, consists of 3462 around and observing one's surroundings in different ways clearwated as to familiarize oneself, as a i "Clear," to one's environment. OT 2, attached hereto in part as Exhibit 54, Fdee of running out or deleting past life "implants. OT 3, attached hereto in part as Exhibit 55, of all the OT levels, attracts the most criticism.

Clearwatr consists of telepathically locating "body thetans," also called BTs, which are stuck to one's clerwater. Each BT is then sexx audited on techniques to erase the implants it forcibly received 75 million years ago from a despotic ruler named Xemu sometimes spelt Xenu. The BT then leaves and goes on its way or reincarnates into its next life as a human being. The next BT is then located and audited until it leaves Each person has hundreds of thousands of BTs on his body and inside it. Ridding oneself of concentrated quantities of BTs is akin to performing a religious practice of exorcism on oneself. A significant reversal, a manipulation, occurs in Hubbard's cosmology between the state of Clear and the OT 3 level.

As a Scientologist gets to Clear, he learns and believes that all his physical and psychosomatic ills will be eradicated forever. He learns from Hubbard's article, "The State of Clear," that, "A clear can be tested for any and all psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions all aberrations and can be examined for any autogenetic self-generated diseases referred to as psychosomatic ills. These tests confirm the clear to be entirely without such ills or aberrations. Additional tests of his intelligence indicate it to be high above the current norm," attached hereto as Exhibit We have created the permanent stable clear.

He learns from Hubbard's "The Freedoms of Clear," attached hereto as Exhibit 59, that "In clearing people we achieve four freedoms, and I'll enumerate them for you The first one is illness Next we have freedom from pain The next The last part of these freedoms is the most controversial of them all: He also learns from Hubbard's 2 April bulletin, "The Road to Clear," attached hereto as Exhibit 60, that, "I have just made a breakthrough in finding what a clear really is A clear has no vicious reactive mind and operates at total mental capacity like the first book said. There's the state of clear we've sought for all these years. It fits all definitions ever given for clear.

He learns from a "GO CLEAR" advertisement, attached hereto as Exhibit 62, that "A Clear is a being who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the First dynamic It is a stable state A Clear has over I. However, despite the claims, all Dianetic and Scientology auditing results are temporary, though emotionally fulfilling while they last. Clear is not a permanent state. Clears find, to their chagrin, that they hurt again with similar hurts, upsets and problems they had before and they hope that OT 3 will fix them. When they are told that they are at risk until they do OT 3, attached hereto as Exhibit 63, they don't realize that OT 3 is Hubbard's excuse for his false claims about Clear.

When he reaches OT 3, he finds, usually to his shock and incredulity, that all his physical and psychosomatic problems are caused by BTs and not by engrams in his reactive mind, that every negative thought, problem and upset he has find their origins in the minds of BTs, not in his mind. This is Hubbard's most insidious bait and switch. All the way to Clear, the person believes the cause of his upsets and problems was his reactive mind and engrams, and that he will be Clear forever. Hubbard then wrote in his article, "Danger, Black Dianetics!

However, hypnotism is very unreliable The mechanisms of hypnotism Several people are dead because of Black Dianetics Thousands may die because of Black Dianetics Scientologists can't grasp these contradictions because their normal reality checks are 'disengaged. Scientologists have to deny these contradictions in the face of incontrovertible evidence they are correct, because their existence revolves around the one person they trust completely, their authority figure, Hubbard. The Scientology "Bridge" is also a massive form of financial fraud.

The rationalization used for the price increase is that the higher level organization has better trained auditors, thus less flubs and faster delivery. Scientologists do not see the two sides of that coin. In my experience, which is not based on psychological expertise I claim but what I learned from mental health experts and from CSI, it is the bait and switch and the false claims about the techniques, including those on the OT levels, that cause so many upper level Scientologists physical and mental illness and even death. That Hubbard ordered the OT materials to be kept strictly confidential under threat of immense punishment, becomes apparent when one reads them.

The OT levels are confidential for the survival of Scientology, not for that of its parishioners. They are confidential because newer and less indoctrinated Scientologists would not believe them. If a Scientologist knew up front that on OT 3 he would, at great cost, enter a science fiction world and telepathically exorcise good and bad BTs for years, he might seek less costly and more conventional help elsewhere. Scientologists argue that premature exposure to the OT level materials will cause anyone, including their parishioners, great physical harm and possibly death.

What would really happen is that Scientologists would see Hubbard's doctrine for what it is - patently science fiction and not scientifically valid nor containing observable facts.

The OT materials have been in the public domain since the late s. I have never heard or seen reports of large numbers of deaths occurring coincident with the general public reading these materials in publications. Hubbard spoon fed Scientologists level by level. There are books and materials on past lives, on out of body and mystical experiences and more, available but these are "teasers" and "mysteries" to keep Scientologists moving along. The big mysteries are the state of Clear and the OT levels. In his "Professional Auditor's Bulletin" Number 66 of 25 Novemberattached hereto as Exhibit 67, page 2, Hubbard said, "The principle of Mystery is, of course, this: The only way anybody gets stuck to anything is by a mystery sandwich.

I also heard Hubbard say that, to keep a person on the Scientology path, feed him a mystery sandwich. The Scientologists are entitled to any beliefs they wish. It is actually not their beliefs that is the issue. What is the issue is how they act. It is CSI's practices, not their beliefs, that were the issue in the past and are still the issue now. For example, in this case it is CSI's practice of telling parishioners and staff members to end their lives, as in paragraphso as to promote the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, telling parishioners to kill suppressive persons for the same reason according to "Fair Game," and orchestrating large financial frauds for the same reason and not religious beliefs that are the issue.

Hubbard's OT 3 materials are skimpy and bring up many questions. Some which I've tried to help OT 3 students resolve are: I audited hundreds of Scientologists through such confusions to complete their indoctrination and accept the materials as valid. I talked with many former Scientologists in the last eight years. The majority said they left CSI after getting onto OT 3 and reading the materials, or after getting onto higher OT levels and realizing they contained more BT exorcism techniques. Miscavige writes in his 17 February declaration attached herein that "[Vaughn] Young has taken a personal tragedy in my family's life, the suicide of my mother-in-law, and attempted to make this an issue in this lawsuit by twisting it to imply non-existent wrongdoing in my past.

This is the criminal mind talking. My husband and I have also experienced similar abuses by Miscavige and CSI, including multiple accusations of murder and other crimes which are not based on facts and of which we are not guilty. Miscavige took a thirty year old personal tragedy in my family's life and twisted it to imply non-existent and criminal wrong doing on my part, as follows: Three former high level Scientologists who recently defected, witnessed this. All three defectors told me that Miscavige said I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar and was, at that time, in prison in South Africa serving time for the crime.

This is a complete falsehood and fabrication. Not one part of Miscavige's statement is true, except that my father was tragically murdered in in East London, South Africa, thirty years ago. My older brother, after a life time of incest perpetrated by my father on the children, confessed to the crime and was tried, convicted, sentenced, and served time.

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