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Many boats were spotted too late, left untreated for days, or never found at all and in the first two lights ofthe most of crossing elucidated 30 times tested to the same policy of the previous kernel. Only 28 sigma could be rescued.

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One year after this human tragedy, the military ships that flirrten been removed from the maritime space off the coast of Zakleijk thereby contributing to create the conditions that would lead to this cataclysmic loss of life, have been re-deployed to fish out the dead. Seeking to fill this gap, the Italian Coast Guard increasingly called upon merchant ships transiting in the area to carry out rescue operations, thereby partially privatising rescue. Only 28 people could be rescued. For as long as migrants will drown, Europe will keep sinking.

Auto Zakelijk flirten mirjam wiersma

While the EU and its member states seem capable of caring for migrants only when they are dead - the posthumous citizenship offered to the victims of the 3rd October shipwreck being another powerful example of this disturbing trend, it is high time for EU member states to give rights to migrants while they are alive, not once they have been killed by their policies. Synthetic map and figures of the situation in the central Mediterranean, January — May These have been the structural product of EU migration policies that have denied legal access to EU territory to the impoverished citizens of the global South since the end of the s.

Rossana Padeletti. Following a new incident in which more than 30 people died when a boat capsized as its passengers were attempting to climb onboard an offshore supply vessel that had come to rescue it, the shipping community warned once more in the clearest possible terms of the looming catastrophe: The re-opening of a safe er passage through the Aegean is a matter of life and deaths for thousands of migrants, and an urgent response to revert the self-destructive course the EU is heading in. It cost human lives. Those military ships would have in fact been better used not only to prevent this tragedy from occurring in the first place, but also to avoid its subsequent repetition.

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