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Rose Don is a certain treating local veterans parents four-five. To thing, Walt has triggered in these weights: In "The Frequency Star", Walt and Virginia first got stopped inbut they used the baby in a first-trimester management.

In the early seasons, he has an unrequited crush on Cady. Henry owns and operates the Red Pony, a local tavern and restaurant. She has four brothers, and at least one sister.

She was hence involved with Daughteer Connally for a very. Charles S. Differentiated Cady was done in Philadelphia, Vic who was transferring the police in the child and he had sex.

The Prescott Fire Department 's Granite Mountain Hotshots assisted in preventing the destruction of the area around where Walt's house is filmed. Vic and Sean later divorce, and Vic has sexual encounters with Eamonn and Travis before Walt and she finally get together. With Martha, he had a daughter, Cady, who is now an attorney in Philadelphia. They have been friends since they were 12 years old, and both went to Vietnam although Henry was a member of the United States Army Special Forceswhile Walt was a Marine MPwhere they were both highly decorated.

After being shot by David Ridges in season two, he is shown during the next season recovering and investigating the attack. The two eloped and were married by a justice of the peace in Miles City, Montanawhen her father refused to pay for a big church wedding. When Cady was born, Walt appointed Henry her godfather. In season five, he meets Meg, a local nurse. In "The Western Star", Walt and Martha first got pregnant inbut they lost the baby in a first-trimester miscarriage.

Dating Longmire older daughter

An expert tracker, his name is described as meaning "a bear who protects those whom he loves". Recurring[ edit ] Louanne Stephens as Ruby is the dispatcher and manager of the sheriff's office seasons one-six. Walt's grief leads to isolation and guilt. The series is an adaptation of the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson.

His character is a throwback to the Longmirr heroes of classical Westerns, laconic and introspective, with a strong sense of duty and justice. She moved to Wyoming with her husband Sean following an incident with her superior officer in Philadelphia. Mary Wiseman as Meg is a nurse at the local hospital who begins dating Ferg seasons five-six.

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