Escort zx2 fuel pump

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Ford Escort Fuel Pump Module Assembly

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Use a fuel pump ring remover and a ratchet to remove the locking fue, on the fuel pump. Remove the four screws securing the fuel pump access panel with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the door. Set the cushion in a safe area away from your workspace. Press the rear of the seat cushion under the rear seat-back cushion, making certain the seat belts do not get trapped under the seat cushion.

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pum Guide the new fuel pump into the tank and press it downward until you hear the tabs click Eecort place. Pull the cap off the fuel pump module. Press the front of the cushion downward to lock it into place. Torque wrench Socket set InFord completely redesigned the Escort for the third time. The following year, Ford made good on its mistake by releasing a new high-performance model, known as the Escort ZX2.

Press these tabs toward the cushion to ful it and lift the cushion to remove it. Tighten the locking ring with a fuel pump ring remover and a ratchet. Repeat this step two times. When this pump fails, there is no need to Esccort the gas tank to get to it, as there is an access panel under the rear seat. Cupler is currently studying mechanical engineering at Saint Petersburg College. Press the new O-ring, which comes with the new fuel pump, into its groove on the underside of the fuel pump cap. Press the fuel line toward its inlet on the fuel pump and pry upward on the plastic clip securing the fuel line, using a small flat-head screwdriver, to remove it. Press the fuel line into its inlet on the top of the fuel pump and press a new plastic clip, which comes with a new fuel pump, into the slot on the end of the fuel line to lock it into place.

Pump fuel Escort zx2

Tug Excort fuel line lightly to assure fuep is locked in place. Lower the fuel pump cap onto the fuel pump and hand-thread the locking ring. This redesign, however, eliminated the high-performance GT trim level. Warnings Never smoke or have an open flame near your work area, as gasoline and its fumes ignite easily. Find the fuel pump access door, the metal panel with two wires running through it, in the floorboard where the seat cushion was.

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