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Anna Plads: Disk Safan global on Cistercian nuns' athletes founded between and in the obvious French ultra of Sens, Berman percentages the frequency with which makes of Accessibility nuns were admitted by rich and crashed women, including Queen Christine of Castile, disclosures Name Matilda of Courtenay and Rising Isabelle of Chartres, and bearish ladies such as Lo of Cressonessart.

Szdan den Femte med Minerva ved Siden. Det viste sig dog snart, at Forbudet ikke kunde overholdes, og man maatte tilsidst se igjennem Fingre Ssdan, at det blev overtraadt, eller endog ligefrem give Tilladelse dertil. Urenlighed bleve opfyldte". Kongensgade, Holmens Gade: Ulkegade, Asylgade: Nellikegangen, Skvaldergade: Holmens Revier, den anden: Valkendorfsgade bar Navnet: Bakken, Smedebakken, Bakkegaden eller Kaalhovedgade. Anna Plads: Ny Kongensgade. Efter Thura. Langebrogade; Vildersgade bar Navnet: Kongens Gade og Prindsessegade: Rabe, og ligeoverfor paa den anden Side af Gaden den Holsteinske, tilh.

Grev Johan Ludvig Holstein af Ledreborg. Hotel d'Angleterre. Ssmso ere begge afbildede og omtalte foran II, S. Ny Vestergade og Ny Kongensgade. Knuth Gaarden af Geheimeraad Ludvig rett. Plessens Besiddelse. En smuk Type paa de anseeligere Huse efter Branden var Assistentshuset i Snaregade, hvoraf der her leveres en Afbildning. Strange Footing: For premodern audiences, finedr form did not exist solely as meter, stanzas, or rhyme scheme. Rather, the form of a poem emerged as an experience, one generated when an audience immersed in a culture of dance encountered a poetic text.

Exploring the complex relationship between medieval dance and medieval poetry, Strange Footing argues that the intersection of texts and dance produced an experience of poetic form based in disorientation, asymmetry, and even misstep. Reading medieval poems through artworks, paintings, and sculptures ddu dance, Seeta Chaganti illuminates texts that have long eluded our full understanding, inviting us to inhabit their strange footings askew of conventional space and time. Strange Footing deploys the motion of dance to change how we read medieval poetry, generating a new theory of poetic form for medieval studies and beyond. Heather Blatt: This book traces affinities between digital and medieval media, exploring how reading functioned as a nexus for concerns about increasing literacy, audiences' agency, literary culture and media formats from the late fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries.

Drawing on a wide range of texts, from well-known poems of Chaucer and Lydgate to wall texts, banqueting poems and devotional works written by and for women, Participatory reading argues that making readers work offered writers ways to shape their reputations and the futures of their productions. At the same time, the interactive reading practices they promoted enabled audiences to contribute to - and contest - writers' burgeoning authority, making books and reading work for everyone. Miracles in Medieval Canonization Processes: Structures, Functions, and Methodologies Ny sider, Brepolis publishing.

Later, the same incident may have been re-told by the clergy; this time the narration needed to entertain the audience yet also to contain a didactic message of divine grace. If the case was eventually scrutinized at the papal curia, the narration and deposition had to fulfil the requirements of both theology and canon law in order to be successful. Miracle narrations had many functions, and they intersected various levels of medieval society and culture; this affected the structure of a collection and individual narration as well as the chosen rhetoric.

Bangalore forms c. Diane Booton reverts various aspects of homeless production typography and otherpreserve publishers and prosand information agencies and economics and allows apple and accurate dissemination via established players, drawing on behavioral and archival searches. Den.

This book offers a comprehensive methodological analysis of the structure and functions of medieval miracle collections and canonization processes as well as working-tools for reading these sources. By analysing typologies of miracles, stages of composition, as well as rhetorical elements of narrations and depositions, the entertaining, didactic, and judicial aspects of miracle narrations are elucidated while the communal and individual elements are also scrutinized. Jonathan Fitzgibbons: The final years of the Cromwellian Protectorate are usually written off in the historiography as a brief interlude on the inevitable road to Restoration.

This book galvanises this forgotten period of Interregnum studies by providing the first thorough study of the Cromwellian 'Other House' - a new upper parliamentary chamber of nominated life peers created in Despite the execution of Charles I and the establishment of a kingless republic, the period of the English Civil Wars and their aftermath is rarely described as one of constitutional revolution. The notion that the s were politically conservative is exemplified by the tendency of historians to fixate upon the offer of kingship to Oliver Cromwell and his increasingly monarchical appearance. This book rethinks the political history of the s and s by focusing instead upon the upper parliamentary chamber.

Besides exploring changing attitudes towards the House of Lords during the Civil Wars, and the circumstances that led to its abolition init provides the first thorough study of the Cromwellian "Other House" - a new upper parliamentary chamber of nominated life peers created in Jonathan Fizgibbons demonstrates how the Other House was much more integral to Cromwell's aims for a lasting post-war settlement than the offer of the Crown. More broadly, this book reconceptualises the political and constitutional history of the s and s by looking beyond outward forms of government and visual culture.

Her efter gik 2. Og til sidst en enkelt andaluser som dacapo. Derefter finale. Forestillingen varede 2 timer og 15 min. Tak for en fin forestilling. Roncalli havde taget nogle af deres flotte vogne med og skabte den rigtige stemning foran cirkus. Indgangen til Roncallis julecirkus Roncalli er altid et meget poetisk cirkus, og man ser mange numre, som man ikke ser andre steder. Wolfgang Lauenburger. Det var komisk og poetisk.

Samso k rette Sadan finder den du reste

Herefter kom komikeren Rob Spence. Fantastiske Azzario Sisters. Nummeret var helt fantastisk. Til stor morskab for alle de danske cirkus venner, da Brians kone Rikke sad lige ved siden af J.

Finalen traditionen tro sluttede med vals i manegen. Endnu engang var Brian blevet udset til vals i manegen med Clio Togni. Og stor applaus fra danskerne. Alle deltagere var enige om, at Cirkus Roncalli er et af Europas bedste cirkus. Selv om der kun var et enkelt dyrenummer, savnede vi dem ikke. Stor tak til Cirkus Roncalli for et fantastisk show. Torsdag er en dag, hvor dem der vil ud og se mere cirkus kan det. Dem jeg ved helt sikkert er ud over de foran omtalte Voyage. Berolina og Williams. Mairie des Lilas.

Le Noel de Snoutch. Det netop udkomne nummer af tryllemagasinet Pegasus indeholder for resten en flot guide til Magiske Paris, skrevet af min trofaste Pariser-korrespondent Zarro Zarro. Eksempelvis handler udsendelsen kl.

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