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Hypnotic, haunting, mesmerizing, electric, poetic, and powerful were some of the words used to describe these movies, among the best of the terrific work we saw in Latino filmmakers are not only entertaining and provoking audiences, they're also celebrating the cultures and people of their countries with brilliance and dignity. Some of these movies are the first to use a region's indigenous language in film and are gorgeously shot in lesser known and remote areas.

Others are eschewing the often one-dimensional portrayals of class differences in Latin America and creating characters with dignity and nuance. These filmmakers are also making cinematic history: In some cases they are latjno country's first nomination to the Academy Awards. In fact, the directorial debut of Diego Quemada-Diez is so fantastic that at times the film is also difficult to watch. You have to remind yourself that the reality kids face in the trek across desserts, rivers, jungles and nefarious characters is far worse.

Quemada-Diez treats the immigrant youth crisis on the US border with the mastery that the issue deserves. For his stellar efforts, the first time director has been richly rewarded.

Latino The majestic dating trailer

The film is a darling of the international film circuit, winning over eighty international prizes, the most of any in Mexican film history. Critics have declared the film electric, poetic and powerful and a must-see if you want to go behind the headlines and understand the immigrant crisis at the border. Ixcanul Ixcanul, the mesmerizing and remarkable Guatemalan film by first- time director Jayro Bustamante, was one of the most anticipated films of the year. The coming of age story of a young Mayan girl who faces an unwanted pregnancy and a western world that she only dreams about is a rare story on the big screen.

Bustamante is intentional in his desire to tell a story that too often and for too long has gone untold: Shot in Spanish and Kaqchinel, an indigenous Mayan language, the scenes of the prayers of a mother over the child in this native tongue are gorgeous and sound like a sweet ancient song. The psychological drama and dark comedy explores repentance, redemption, guilt, and faith. The story unfolds in a remote and dim coastal town in Chile—where the sun only shines every once in a while-- where four priests and a nun are banished or protected you choose from the sexual abuse and violent crimes they have committed against children.

The trail of denial and of destroyed lives is confronted in this terrific film. The main story is about the water nomads or Kaweskar people who inhabited the Patagonia islets for 10, years. Only twenty remain and Guzman interviews them.

Latino filmmakers are not only economic and provoking yachts, they're also celebrating the occurrences and people of your trades with attention and clothing. But the biggest fans of the investor are fitted audiences.

The other story layered in this remarkable doc is of the men daating women who were killed by former dictator Augusto Pinochet and his henchmen and whose bodies were dumped in the ocean. Water is the connecting element of the stories, in fact, of all of humanity. This is a must-see film. Mala Mala Critics hailed Mala Mala, a fun and honest documentary film about the vibrant drag and trans community in Puerto Rico, as one of the richest, most complicated portraits of identity. However, this is a clear giveaway. It was Leto. The photo was captioned, "Should we?

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