Escort radar shifter zr4

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Cincinnati Microwave Shifter ZR4

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The tech agreed. The Shifter ZR4 includes a control panel Esccort can be mounted anywhere inside your vehicle. What's worse is I was really only going 45mph and he could not show the reading to me, since he just hit someone else. I indicated maybe 30 feet. He asked how close the officer was when he took the reading.

Shifter zr4 radar Escort

When combined with a compatible detector, the display is no longer necessary, and the Shifter Ecort can be controlled entirely through the radar detector! An automatic brightness control is also included, which will adjust the brightness of the display based shitfer the ambient light of the vehicle. I live in Houston, in which HPD is constantly running radar and laser particularly around the downtown area. He said the laser shifter is not effective within close distances and particularly within feet or less; and that feet or more is ideal.

I replied that HPD always shoots lasers at cars in the city within 30 to 50 feet, which means the ZR4 is useless. The Cincinnati Microwave Shifter ZR4 includes a "link" cable that will allow it to be integrated with all current model Beltronics and Escort radar detector. A mute button is provided to allow you to silence audio alerts.

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A power button and volume control are also provided. Shipping Prices: Note Professional installation is recommended. This control panel features separate alert lights for the front and rear transceivers, allowing you to identify the direction of the threat.

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