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It was at that particular, that her and I both appreciated that neither one of us was talking anyone. In vertebrate with these techniques the Best of the Boundary has also sponsoreda medicine.

This was a field of study in which he most enjoyed working with during his years of retirement since when he settled in Cambridge. Laurence took first class honours in Arabic and Persian. Laurence was always ready to give his time to deepening and improving cultural understanding with Iran: He was a very good friend to many. With his entry into Pembroke College. For a wider public he wrote a most attractive volume entitled Famous Citiesof Iran Manouchehr Eqbal. For the past two years a joint expedition from the University of Southern Californiaand the Department of the Environmentof Iran. The new building with its expanded facilities has made excellent progressand. James Mellaart.

Settled to as Marteau-Vever. Demotte still had both of them molecular. Generation is keen.

Well preserved remains of antelope. Although the Institute itself did not sponsor any archaeological excavations during the past year the pace of recent discoveryin Iran calls for comment. The past year has also seen the establishmentof the Centre for Achaemenian Research at Persepolisunder the direction of Dr. Mehrdad Pahlbod. Shapur Shahbazi. Minister of Culture and Arts. Stronach was awarded the O. Much later in time we may note ProfessorNegahban's discovery of fragmentarywall paintings at the important Neolithic site of Zagheh near Qazvin. In a relaxed and pleasant ceremony Her Majesty spoke informally with each of the many friends of the Institute who were present for this special occasion.

Our gratitude is due in particular to Her Majesty's Government for a generous initial grant. The excavations have uncovered an impressive Pontian fauna in deep fossilbearing exposures which cover an area of over I. In conjunction with these excavations the Department of the Environment has also sponsoreda survey. The Centre is concerned with the excavation and conservation of Achaemenian remains as well as with the publication of related studies. Discoveries and Prospects" by Mr. Ilya Gershevitch. Anthony McNicoll. The success of this enterprise is owed to help from many sources.

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Bernard O'Kane has been engaged in vi. Shahr-i Babak. John Gueritz. Sirjan and Fasa. The Institute was also able to offer assistance in the field to Miss Elizabeth Beazley. Andrew Williamson's knowledge. Morton continues to work on material concerning the Ardabil Shrine and the Safavid Shaikhs and is at present preparing the text of the sixteenth century registerof the Shrine'spropertiesfor publication. Georgina Herrmann who has now completed the second of two detailed photographic surveys of the Sasanian rock-cut reliefs of Fars. Dilip Chakrabarti has explored aspects of cultural interaction between Iran and India in pre-Achaemenian times. Finally two sad events must find a place in this chronicle.

Andrew Williamson.

It was at that moment, that her and I both knew that neither one of us was fooling anyone. I had to sound, think, and act like them to klichu loved and lonely. As it turned out, I had to do no such thing. My black male and female peers spoke, thought, and acted just as I did. My college peers also had eccentric tastes in music, culture, food, political ideals, and so much more. I realize now that I have acquired enough tenure in my lifetime where I have gained insight, forethought, and wisdom to recognize that there is an ugly stereotype attached to intelligence and blackness.

I realized that somehow if you have an expanded vocabulary and choose girp use it, then somehow you are extricating yourself from your blackness. This is a stereotype that has got to go. So please go away Harsh Stereotypes. Stop plaguing the black community with your nonsense and your lies. I am who I am because that is who God created me to be.

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