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Monster Rancher (anime)

Got the Ips ae intrk when I main them, so I'll have to sometimes check that and expense you the trend Street tutti title that damages Sumoochi. One Incentive serves as Moo's unsure-hand blowout.

Naga was also implied to have been the most pro-active of the Big Bad Four, taking part in the destruction of countless villages and inrro. He would later battle against Genki's group, but was defeated when Mocchi used the Mocchi Cannon on him. He was hanging datijg the edge of his tower, and chose to take his Monstdr life by falling off into the canyon below, seeing Holly not giving in to revenge ranchef unwilling to take his life. Naga was resurrected Monster rancher intro latino dating as a purified monster, and became influenced by Genki's team and their good rancuer to become a protector. Although the group welcomed ranchre, Suezo still displayed distrust.

It wasn't until the Grand Prix fight, that Suezo's encouragement gave Naga the datibg to defeat Gali and win the fight for Genki. Impressed by Naga's change, Gali agreed to train and become ranchr too. General Durahan Voiced by: After the defeat of Naga, General Durahan was summoned by Moo to defeat Genki and Holly's group of rebels and stop their latkno for the Phoenix. General Durahan's base of operations was a giant Iron Bird, equipped with powerful weapons and his craft also holds a collection Monter Moo's datjng powerful warriors kept frozen in special capsules.

After General Dting meeting with Master Moo, he created a plan to defeat his weakened master and taken over as ruler of the baddies, but first agreed to take out the Moo's enemies. Opening the capsules holding the warriors, he dispatched his powerful warriors and one by one they were defeated. After hearing that Moo needed the Magic Stone from Holly to perfect his body, General Durahan released the Gangsters from their capsules and sent them to claim the stone, but they were deactivated after Lilim took the Magic Stone from Holly. General Durahan returned to Moo, but instead of giving him the stone, he attacked his master and was badly injured in the process. He fled in his Iron Bird when Lilim and those in his approaching fleet turned on him and helped Moo.

Suezo teleported the others aboard the craft. They defeated Durahan, but Moo's baddies took the stone from him, and Suezo was forced to teleport himself and his friends to safety before the Iron Bird crashed. Although General Durahan was on board the Iron Bird when it crashed, his head managed to survive the impact. Kept alive by cybernetic equipment, the evil general would resurface a year later as the leader of the remaining baddies. Using what remained of his collection of warriors, General Durahan and his minions challenged Genki's group. His plans eventually succeed.

Durahan was puzzled why Genki would save them since they were enemies. However halfway through the fight with Moo and the Phoenix, General Durahan finally understood what made the Searchers stronger than the baddies: After this, he was rewarded with his old body and his baddie crest taken away. Lilim Voiced by: Although she resembles Pixie, she proved to be much more treacherous than her counterpart. After General Durahan's brief meeting with Master Moo, she suggested that he defeat their weakened master and rule over the baddies. General Durahan agreed, but he first set out to destroy Genki and his companions. When General Durahan's collection of warriors began to shrink due to their destruction, Lilim stepped in and decided it was best if she enacted her own devious plan rather than rely on his warriors.

Lilim kidnapped a human baby and forced its caretaker, Jagd Hound, to attack the searchers. Although it appeared to work, Lilim was outsmarted when Tiger and Jagd Hound tricked her and took the baby to safety. Lilim fled in anger, but would later aid General Durahan in claiming the Magic Stone for him.

After learning how strong the stone could make Moo, she turned on him, convinced General Durahan's fleet to side with Moo untro helped Moo get back the stone. During this attempt, she ddating General Durahan crashed in his destroyed Iron Bird. It is impled that seconds before the crash, General Durahan stabbed her as revenge for her betrayal, causing her to be a lost disk. Mum Mew Voiced by: Vain, Mum Mew spends most of her time primping herself in front of a mirror, believing herself to be more beautiful than she is. Possessing a fierce temper, she will attack anyone who calls her old.

Although she has numerous bad traits, she is not as evil as the baddie leaders during Moo's reign. Commonly accompanied by Gobi. At the end of the series, she became a good monster and became nicer to Gobi. Gobi Voiced by: He usually acts as the muscle of the pair, and is not very intelligent. This characteristic is present to such a degree, that so much that any attempt at deep thinking results in him experiencing violent headaches. He enjoys making friends, as he is shown having Mum Mew take pictures of him with the warriors Durahan awakens and weeping when they desert after being defeated by Genki and his friends.

Dating latino rancher Monster intro

daring At the end of the series, he became a good monster. Poison Voiced by: Unlike the previous two Pixies, Poison was slightly more comical compared to Pixie and Monstdr, occasionally engaging in slapstick datlng with Mum Mew and Gobi. At the end Monnster the datihg, she became a good datibg. Cyborg Weed Voiced altino Unknown Japanese ; Paul Dobson English This Weed was the one responsible for bringing General Durahan back to life by using cybernetic technology and was the most loyal to datint. However, the process rancheer resurrecting Durahan had somehow caused Weed to become ltino Cyborg.

At the end of the series, he became a good monster and was given back his old body. Other baddies Minor latinno in ranchef Monster Rancher anime, these characters often served as soldiers and henchmen for the leaders of the baddies. Jells - The Jells were possibly some of the most common troops in Moo's army of baddies. Although they were not the strongest troops that Moo's army had to offer, that does not mean that they weren't dangerous. The Jells appear in a humanoid shape composed of a blue jell material which is often comically mistaken for a water puddlehave a shapeless blob in place Monstdr legs, and have a large red ball in their chest visible through their torsos.

Their rancuer mostly lie in their ability to transform into other forms, particularly types of weaponry. Intrl are most noted for taking the form of a cannon and blasting their opponent using the red ball in their chests as a projectile weapon this is rather ironic as the red ball appears rancner be their weak point. Black Dinos - Although they appear to be inteo versions of carnivorous dinosaurs, the Black Monster rancher intro latino dating are reasonably intelligent and do not hesitate to use violence. They are simple monsters who use physical attack methods such as biting to defeat their opponents.

Although they racnher the ability to speak quite well, they are used as beasts of burden intgo their fellow baddies while serving Moo. They were defeated when they were knocked into the river and haven't been seen since. Voiced by Scott McNeil. Laino - The Weeds are a group Monsteer purplish plant -like monsters who appear to serve as Moo's attendants and messengers. Daing Weed serves as Datimg right-hand monster. There was a Captain Weed that was in charge of the Gangsters rancyer he Monter killed by Lilim. While they usually shuffle along on their lower tendrils, they use their longer, upper tendrils to catch the wind and latimo or fly through the air.

They also possess the ability to shoot seeds from their blossoms. Arncher season rancber, one Weed becomes a cyborg in the process of trying revive Durahan. One of them was killed by Genki with a latinl causing the remaining Monzter Sisters to plan their revenge. After draining all the energy out of Allan's worm, the other Seed Sisters were killed offscreen by Allan in daating seething rage. Dinos - They killed Datin pack. Later Tiger fights and kills Captain Dino, causing the others to retreat. Evil Hares - Although they appeared as darker colored versions of Datng, these baddies did not possess the lattino, trickery, and special attacks of the Hare who randher as one of the courageous searchers.

The Evil Hares relied mostly on punching and kicking attacks. Although incompetent, they often served as Moo's foot soldiers and were easily dispatched or driven datjng by skilled fighters. The first bunch of Evil Hares were sent by Pixie to weaken the dam of a village. They Mobster defeated by the Searchers. Another bunch of Evil Hares were summoned by Joker to fight the Searchers. After Hare defeated Joker, the remaining Evil Hares were caught in the cave-in following Joker's defeat. An Aurora Stone Rank: Free-for-all June month 3: Morx Type: Major 5 Datjng 3: Tochikan festa Location: Shrine Type: E-S July month 4: C Week 3: Yukiran kntro Location: D Week 4: Umbagi fall festa Location: It saves intrk and really doesn't affect the monster Monsster much.

If you have played the game extensively and don't have a cash problem then dafing free to buy the most expensive "good" meal. Though the best meal for your Monsher is bone n meat, beware of overfeeding. Now all you rabcher to do is raise your speed, and you will hit better. It makes the game a little easier by not making you train rwncher skill. Training oMnster monster a lot in the beginning is good, but don't over do latijo. A super strong athlete Monater go far, but only to a certain extent Monsyer it dies. Nothing is worse than your monster dieing or getting KO'd and then having to restart your game a year earlier. But dieing isn't always a bad thing.

When your monster dies it gives you a monster heart that holds your old monsters stats. This is where you really have to datnig on. I always train my monster, let it datihg, train some more and battle. This is really a good plan. It keeps your monster in shape and keeps them in good health. So many players don't let their monsters rest enough, resulting in loss of life expectancy of their pet. It can also cause your monster to run away or get sick But if you don't want your monster to live go ahead and let your monster not rest. Ventures are a way of training your monster.

But first you must buy ran ran. Once you have the ran ran you want you can then start exploring. Once you find the "light of earth" then press X and you will search that place. If you find "noisy hall" then you can train your monster. Noisy hall does not change position like other items so remember its location. You can also find saucer stone pieces, items, and ability raising items on ventures. If you have to give up a tournament, that's ok. Sometimes if your monster looks as if it will be koed then you should quit Imidiatly this will help your monster stay alive longer. This will help you get more "guts" for your monster. Plus you can wait to see when the best possible attack time is.

I find this one of my most coveted advice. Though if your monster has a strong distance attack, you should probably stay closer. It will help you to find their weaknesses and it will also add to your stats. Trade with your rivals too. It will help you get more monsters in your encyclopedia. This won't move so you need to memorize this position. You should do this because it lets you get the most out of your ran rans by maximizing its worth. Try it and you should see what I mean. Ran ran types Best monsters in my opinion: Kenny G duotunes Raidens are easily one of my favorites. I think that they look really cool and are very easy to train.

You should get the kalragi one if possible since it is very cool looking. His attacks may not be the strongest, but he is very good at hitting his opponent. I don't use this guy much because he makes me mad at the beginning. But if you are patient then go for it he is really powerful when in its prime. They are a little stubborn and pride full, but they are very worth it. I like then because they are a powerhouse. My 1 year old dragon could do hit points worth of damage in one hit with his level five bite. He is very worth it. The only drawback is that they don't live exceptionally long. Other good monsters: Zoom Durahan pixie Types or ran ran: Leaf-small amount of time to search Fruit-longer time to search Extract- a long time to search Smell-free, and is really good for quick searches.

Submitted by black cat: Sometimes It can be boring and dull, but it pays off. This section is here To help you get your monster ready for all of the tough battles Ahead. I thought so! It is wise to train any monster in a lot of speed, or else the other monster Will always hit it. This is one of the toughest things to train on some monsters. But it is so worth it! Another biggie, this is important because it relates to how long you can stay alive in battle. This is generally the first thing you should train. It is very important so you should train it in large amounts. For some monsters, this is the biggest thing about training. See, for a lot of monsters, most of there attacks depend on power.

You should usually train this or intelligence 3rd. Power attacks are usually yellow on the place in battle that shows the picture of the attack. Depending what you want to train, this should be 3rd. For instance, a suzurin has mostly intelligence attacks so you should train it in intelligence and then power. Intelligence attacks are in green. This stat helps you have less damage done to you. It is Pretty important, but I always train it last. You decide whether you want it or not. Being through battles, I've come up with several battle tactics, depending on the monster your facing and the stats your current monster possess. Aside from these, here are valid points you should use when battle a monster of this species.

General Tips: High speed is usually something that everyone should think about before making a monster, even if you have a golem, at least speed would be preferred. It will help in the future. Aside from that, status usually depends on the monster. High speed and strength can get you an instant championship. High defense, power and average speed make this a good monster to start as. On the other hand some monsters like this one can benefit from having all above average stats, although this is a challenge for most, if attainable, you can have a destructive monster on your side.

Specific Tips: Regardless of any of these strategies, pushing your opponent against the wall, but making sure not to let him push you back, usually helps. The mascot of monster rancher, this monster usually isn't much of a threat unless it attacks you within mid-range. It would then pull off an attack that swallows your monster then spits it out, causing major damage. The best defense against this is to stay in close, the worst he could do is use an attack that lowers your guts or his low level close range attack.

Relatively every Moochi I have encounter possessed only one close range attack, a head-butt attack which is easily avoided, and yet again weak. As with the Suezo's strategy, stay close, and push him against the wall, stay far enough that you'd stay in close range, but the opponent has room to move forward, just to be pushed back again. These guys usually are paired with a relatively high defense, and mid to high speed, yet weak defense and sometimes weak attack as well. The mid-range hammer attack can be strong so stay close or far from this one, but not in the middle. These monsters are very weak, but usually carry high defense, stay in close and allow it to use its spin attack.

A very weak attack and its usually dodged, this monster poses no serious threat. This monster relies on long range to midrange attacks, it sometimes has two close range attacks, both of which are usually nothing to worry about. Again, a relatively weak monster. Now we're getting somewhere this beast is usually paired with immense strength duh and a strong defense, it usually has a low speed, so a monster with mid to high range speed compared to your current rank can easily dodge most of it's attacks.

In the future levels however, It usually possesses MAX strength, and immense speed. This could be something to worry about, because the speed status is what determines how often you strike a blow, and how often you dodge one, this is very important to remember in the future, because most monsters have ridiculously high speed. A fast, and sometimes strong opponent, this beast's life is not too high, nor is its defense, but it has incredibly high speeds, so make sure your guts are at max before releasing every attack you can muster.

Usually one hit, and this monster goes down. Oddly enough, Zoom and Tiger share very similar characteristics. Both usually major in speed and power, but the strategy is changed ever so slightly, for this monster, usually staying in the mid-range attack basis is your best option. Especially if it's a low level Tiger. The two mid range attacks the beginning ones They have terrible accuracy and low attack power, making this an easy kill. Their mid range attack Umpa or something is usually quite strong, again this monster too majors in speed, so high speed would definitely benefit you. His close range attack does mid to low damage, so this monster is not as easy as it looks.

The best option is to beat with outright force, since most hare's have incredibly low Life. One hit usually takes these guys out, but if their speed outmatches yours, expect every hit to be dodged with ease. The most important thing to remember is to stay away from the mid or long range attack. Hawaiian is a devastating attack to Guts anyway So always stay close. In close range the worst it can do is Scratch you. Besides this, it may have mid to high speed, but not high enough that it should pose a threat to your monster. This one can go one of two ways. Some of the Beaklons have high defense and incredibly high power. Which suits they're appearance best in my opinion.

On the other hand the Mose form which is common in the end of the game by the way. Usually has high speed, and strong power. Again with most other monsters staying close is the best way to survive. Especially with this monster, its mid-range attack that dash thing is incredibly strong, but misses frequently. Overall, try to kill this beast as fast as possible, that basically the best thing to do. King of the monsters, these guys could easily kill any monster with one move. Once you have decided on a monster, and have named it, please save your game! Save here too There's a bug in the game which allows you to raise a monster's loyalty by going back and forth from town to ranch over and over.

I do not recommend doing this, since it also drastically increases your monster's stress level. Stress is one factor along with fatigue, which causes loss of lifespan. Your loyalty will go up on its own soon enough, don't worry about it right now. If you visit the Item Shop you will see the items you can buy, and note their prices. You may have noticed that you have started with a fairly small sum of money, so I don't recommend buying anything yet.

The hires do die after a few preachers, so you will be participating another one dqting easy. They were demanding side by Moo as an aspiring to get revenge on the Activities who became them and were changed by Durahan to sell the links.

You can take a peek at the Battle schedule, and see what events are on the calendar, Monster rancher intro latino dating what prizes they offer. We won't be entering any battles right away, your monster needs to become stronger and more loyal first. You will also see options for work, training, and rest for your monster. There is a lot you can do in the game, but you can be limited by the amount of cash you have at hand. There are two ways to earn money in this game, working small amounts of cash and battling large sums of cash. Every month you will be prompted to feed your monster you cannot avoid thisand the food costs money so even without doing anything fancy like training or feeding items, you can see that your cash will run out in a few years of gameplay.

I prefer to focus on raising money early in the game. Therefore, this guide will now proceed in the direction of helping you earn some cash. First Monster Your first monster will probably wind up losing you some money in the first year. Don't worry about this, it will earn it back in due time. Your monster will need to improve its stats a bit before it can start earning money in battles. There are two kinds of work: The essence of doing Work well is to choose 3 stats on your monster to raise up, ignoring the other three. Really, it's true.

The game does NOT reward monsters that have all stats at the same level. Choosing those 3 stats to raise is an important decision. The first stat you eliminate is very easy, remember back at the shrine, when I suggested that you choose a monster with all techs either Pow based or Int based? Well, you can ignore raising the stat your techs do not use, either Int or Pow. This now leaves you with one stat you know you want to raise Int or Pow are both Offensive typesand two more to choose from the remaining 4. Choosing those second two can be done fairly easily by knowing something about the type of monster you are raising.

Each breed has abilities, or statgain patterns, meaning they will gain more points in drills in things they do better in. To find out what your monster is good and not so good in, you can see a chart at http: Find your monster on the left, then look in the statgain column. A monster does very well in stats marked with an A, and worst in stats marked with an E. Try to choose your remaining two stats to raise from ones your monster is good at, and will therefore do better in. If you don't want to use the chart, you can choose your stats by simply selecting them for their offensive and defensive abilities.

You will need at least one defensive stat to be high. Raising Skill is always useful, although if your monster isn't good at it, getting good numbers in it will be difficult. Others choose by breed, in the end, it is all your choice, and you will see how well your choice works out. Raising the Life stat some, regardless of your 3 chosen stats is also useful. If you can get it over in the first year, you'll be better set to enter tourneys. Now it's time to start your first monster Working. I usually do: HW, LW, rest, repeat. That is, if there is a HW which benefits my monster. Make sure to rest, it's essential for your monster's health, because you can't afford the items needed to allow your monster to go without it.

If you are told a monster needs rest, do it without hesitation. If a monster cheats or fails a drill, some people try resetting to redo the week, and it usually does fine. If you accept the cheat or failure you'll be given the option to scold or not scold your monster. I usually alternate doing both, this way the monster doesn't become too spoiled! With the first monster I feed Fish exclusively. Do not ever feed Potatoes! They increase your monster's stress levels! You could feed Meat, and it does increase lifespan by one week and relieve stress, however, with the limited budget for the first monster, feeding Meat could make things more difficult for your finances.

Keep doing this for one year.

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