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Loryn Brantz for BuzzFeed Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows all the words to every guy's favorite movie when from they were in middle school. Play sports Rising up early in the morning, sweeping, cooking, drawing water are typical and traditional responsibilities of the girl child. There is no emphasis on education. At my age 12 years oldthe older women are telling me that I am now ready for marriage. My aunt has already found a young man for me to marry. Life in the villages is hard for all the women. We eventually accept it but those who resist it, they go to towns when they are young, pursue education. That is the only way, a young girl can dodge the village life.

I really wanted to pursue education but I do not have a relative in towns where I can go. I admire some young educated girls who speak English. When did you start drawing water for home consumption? When I was young. How old were you? When I was three years old. Were you asked to go and draw water? No, but I saw all the smaller girls of my age going to the well to draw water which is our culture for all the girls and women. Do you like it? No, but as a young girl, I have accepted it as normal life and am strong, ready to get married and will be drawing water for my family.

Do you feel some pain on your neck or head as you carry heavy buckets? Some times, I suffer extreme pain on my neck and headache. Even when I am in pain like that I am expected to draw water. If I say no, I am told that I will never get married and that I would not make it in marriage. For fear of the village, I rise up to go to the well and draw water. Do you face any Lizards or crocodiles in some rivers where women draw water or have you heard of any woman who was caught and killed by a crocodiles? There are some bigger rivers which have crocodiles but not here. We are generally free from the crocs, though our wells dry up quickly.

Have you suffered from any water borne disease? Yes, I have suffered from water borne diseases, Bilharzias. Diarrhea and other bacterial diseases. These are the common and worse diseases. Their children would have been inspired to aim for better life. The action of the youths in Zambezi towards the Oxfam project shuts doors for a number of generations to come. The negativity towards skills training is also rife in Lukulu. Limwanya noted. Rural based training institutions are also faced with under qualified trainers, lack of training equipment and lack of resources to pay for training.

Deplorable conditions of life in rural areas rarely attract well qualified trainers.

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Lack of clean drinking water, electricity, basic facilities and poor infrastructure discourage Wanr to work in such areas. This costs rural areas a lot in terms of aWnt skills and economic development in the short and long term. If nothing is done to address the situation, they will remain the poor and isolated from skills development benefits of the 21st century. In the case of Kaoma Youth Resource Centre, limited staff and student accommodation, poor water supply and inadequate infrastructure for library and other teaching facilities are some of the challenges it was faced with.

The gidl consultancy puts an attitude that makes myths, legends and financial reasoning behind. We splinter retraining of trainers for them to be up-to-date with sectoral tissues because lack of trading indicators down the system of more experienced human resource to us. The same well becomes the investor of Corporations and eventually, the species suffer from Business.

Centre Manager Reuben Kaumba said some students were renting small cheap huts in lukylu due to lack of accommodation at the Centre to absorb all of them. When it comes to Mufumbwe, Manyinga Youth Resource Wqnt and Senanga Trades, inadequate and low qualifications of trainers, lack of sustainable funding, lack of workshops and equipment were some of the challenges they face. Roger Mweemba, Mufumbwe Youth Resource Centre Manager ckol beside general problems of funding, lukuly qualification of trainers, lack of training facilities and workshops; school birl not a priority in the area. Mweemba further said the Centre tried to sensitise the public in the villages through churches, headmen, chiefs and house to house visitations; but it seemed that people do not value school.

Mweemba observation that most households never valued school. Lack of role models has worsened the situation. Worse some female students are often pulled-out of school and taken into marriage. Bwalya noted. Enrollments are very low, e. Our training centres are not attractive. We need to upgrade them to meet modern skills development requirements and labour market needs. We need retraining of trainers for them to be up-to-date with sectoral happenings because lack of retraining trickles down the burden of poorly trained human resource to graduates. Kasabi who was also a trainer in Power Electrical and Computer Studies left the institution on a stand-still due to lack of enough trainers.

Senanga Trades Church Consistory, Imbunda Sefulo Kakoma said the inadequacy of trainers was very critical at the institution than it was thought. It shows how serious the problem of lack of lecturers is in rural areas.

Senanga is a growing town, its growth is stimulating growth in sectors such a construction. Kakoma noted. Sentiments from the above institutions are an ice berg of the huge problem TEVET skills development is faced with, especially in rural areas.

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