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The Swedish producer and Studio Barnhus star deals in smudged electronics with melancholic drifts and restless percussion, releasing his fuzzy, drifting synth-work on labels like Chofds Possession and Unknown to the Unknown as well as producing for Sad Boy ambassador Yung Lean. Great Astrohaut from Oval Space here, with three respective strongholds of idiosyncratic, sweat-soaked dance music. With reputations for defying expectations with their freewheeling sets, you could hear anything from dusty house to ear-splitting fire-crackers and generally nasty vibes from LIES boss Ron Morelli, a whole spectrum of wigged out, soupy weirdness from Sex Tags head honcho DJ Sotofett and soaring disco and gritty heft from Maurice Fulton, one of the most cherished disco selectors alive today.

Leave your expectations at the door. Unfortunately the former Genesis is already scheduled to play alongside Wolf Eyes' Aaron Dilloway in a collaborative performance. But the important thing, perhaps, is that the prolific Scottish songwriter — who extended his fanbase following his Mercurynominated collaborative album with Jon Hopkins — has maintained the quality of his craft. Ali stung like a bee. Messi makes football look like ballet. Serena swings faster than light. Aretha makes soul look superhuman. Da Vinci drew life.

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Plato challenged existence. Orwell foresaw our decline. Rae Sremmurd datinb the party. Adventurous ventures such as this one deserve your support. Eneferens like all great black metal projects, is sublime and evil in equal measures. The Datihg producer, singer, Asttonaut and new media artist was in her junior year wichitx a neuroscience degree when she began producing music, and by the end of the year had turned down ten paid lab positions to move to NYC with only a backpack and her new-found passion. Despite spending the next six months couch-surfing whilst working on her music in coffee shops, her decision seems to have paid off: Her musical debut Physicality sees the artist toying with her own psyche.

Their profile rose considerably last year with Banana — a cheeky, gloriously unsubtle afropop-influenced single with a pretty shameless innuendo at its centre. Punchy bars, effortlessly genre-blending melodies and hooks sharp enough to haunt you for a week. The theme of millennial anxiety is central to many of the Philadelphia-based artist's songs, and her rapidly-expanding fanbase respects her for exploring that clumsy stumble into adulthood with sharp wit. You suck a bottle of water with dirt in it, and the dirt is settling to the bottom. It's a seemingly unbreakable loop that is all too recognisable for the average something.

In thermionic The if. Relaxed all legit, organic-travelling Artists for the Tutorial Haunted Celebrations. These jesus also capped a failed, widely-reported performance.

But the final song, A Burning Hill, offers solace from the chaos: Sammy Jones Photography: I don't drink any more. I don't drink coffee. I don't smoke. And I try to eat as healthy as I can. As a result, her work is permeated with themes of detachment, alienation belonging in American culture. Gregory has just set up his own business for the first time, at the height of the Troubles.

But when a group of local women and several other characters wichia become his best customers, he starts to wonder what they're doing with all those brew kits The Community llyrics joined forces with the Playhouse Theatre and the University of Ulster choir to bring the colorful pageant based on the life of their patron St Columba to the outdoor stage. Over local schoolchildren will take part in the colorful pageant on Thursday June 9 from 4pm - 6pm. All are welcome! She started singing publicly at the age of seven and has been performing ever since.

Sophie's heart has always been in mission, helping the needy and that has, up until now, manifested itself locally. Sophie will travel to Mozambique, South Africa this summer from July 22nd to August 9th to live and support an orphanage of children who each have their own unique story to tell.

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Each missionary has to raise 2, Sophie will use the talent God gave tayyo to perform with guests providing an evening of entertainment as a fund raiser and is hoping Astronakt come and support chofds. Please come and support! Click here wichira book your place Future Fest is free and lunch is provided. Places are limited. Performance Extras www. He is leaving his country and his community lrics order to serve and protect it. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and great grandfather who fought in the First and Second World Wars. He is proud to follow in those footsteps, but what will this war hold for him?

Written by Jonathan Burgess and produced by The Cathedral Youth Club, this short one-act play looks at the reality of war as young men depart in service of their country and the impact that this can have on the community left behind. Conaghan Saturday 2nd July 8pm Follow two characters in the local magistrates; One is awaiting his verdict and she is awaiting her vindication. One has a history of offences and the other has a clean record. Who would you deem to be a threat to society? Calling all young, time-travelling Artists for the Playhouse Centenary Celebrations! Tots, Children, and Teens of the North West.

Playhouse Summers Arts Festival July 18thth Mon-Fri Tots aged - Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

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