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connect a powered sub with a single rca input to a stereo amp with NO preout or subout?

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Check Price 1. Powered Subwoofers These are subwoofers which have built-in jp, allowing you to save on space and no need to buy an amplifier. The drawback of such subwoofers is that its power is not as strong as those with external amplifiers. The good thing is that they are capable of producing good sound for midrange frequencies.

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dithout Subwoofer For Drivers In the subwoofer category, it is the most basic one, and that is why they are sometimes referred to as the passive subwoofers. It is a basic subwoofer in a basic enclosure, and immediately you place it in an enclosure, it produces the bass. They need to be powered by an external amplifier to work properly. You can get them in various abilities and sizes.

Vehicle Specific Subwoofers For your car, I witbout advise these type of subwoofers especially if you have a compact car. They are manufactured to cater for a particular kind of car, and thus each design is meant for a uu car. It is worth noting Cwn, the real audio power for your car stereo comes from the low end, the bass. When you feel the music touching your heart when played, it is the bass doing the magic. I am happy to deploye the money I save on the sub to buy better speakers I am thinking of the Pioneer GMF 4 ch amp for my ice You again have two options here and I suggest you try option 01 before you look at option 02 as investment is minimal. Option 01 Connect your components and 6X9s to a 4 channel amp.

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Damp the front door having the components. You can probably install the 6X9s in a box sun of MDF. This will definitely improve bass to a great extent. To my knowledge and personal experience, 3-way or 4-way 6X9s may end up sounding too bright and spoil the sound stage.

I would hence recommend 2-way 6X9s OR 8" 2-way coaxials at the rear. Listen to this set wjthout and check if it is appealing to you. If not, go with Option Option 02 Connect two channels of your 4 channel amp to your components and bridge the other two channels to a 12" sub in a sealed box. When choosing speakers, don't go by brands but listen to them yourself and decide accordingly as to what suits your ears best. Hope the above helps. Do update us with your decision.

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