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The use of rosaries is about as old beade the religious rites associated with them. But because these religious items are based on a common design, dating an antique rosary or determining how old a rosary is can be a difficult task.

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However, collectors and history buffs can look for a rosarj telltale signs that the rosary is an antique. Examine the rosary's beads. While you cannot pinpoint bedas exact date based on the material from which the beads are made, you can narrow down the date of the rosary. Earliest ones were Dting either fairly crudely made or "relic" crucifices, with a box in the center of the filigree, holding some bit of bone, soil, wood or whatnot that was part of something else that was deemed holy. Early reliquaries were not openable, generally, but instead sealed shut.

The most common relic was a bit of soil from the Holy Land, brought back by pilgrims. Such a "Pilgrimage Rosary" would also be studded with many religious medals, for each place the traveling pilgrim had stopped. In the late Victorian period to the 's aluminum crosses with wood or clay centers, colored black, were quite popular.

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Part of the reason most of the rosaries I'm asked about turn out to be modern is pure statistics. There are a lot of perfectly nice old rosaries Dating rosary beads there in the world, but as any archaeologist will tell you, even very common artifacts that were manufactured in large quantities have very low survival rates over the long term. That means that perhaps one out of every thousand rosaries is older than -- and I suspect I'm being generous here. Rosaries older than that certainly exist, but in much smaller numbers.

I've seen a fair number of filigree rosaries from Europe, a few of which may very well be 18th century the s -- but I'm basing that on other people's reports that that is when the style became popular, and I don't know what the evidence is. Certainly most of the "filigree" rosaries I see are made like the one shown here from machine-stamped components, which would put them firmly in the 19th century and the days of mass production. Rosary centers that refer to St. Pio of Pietrelcina were made after This page hardcover reference book has color photographs of rosaries, center medals, crosses, and crucifixes. Helen Hoffner and Gloria Brady Hoffner are often able to bring their rosary collection to show to church groups, school groups, and community organizations.

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