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Dating a Villiers engine

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What a gem of a motor though. It does not cover scooter and three wheeler engines and the numbers given to some builders do not start until some years after the change was made. Larger engines are reported to have been fitted at a later date. The new engines were both of cc: I was hoping you could post a thread specifically detailing your collection of model twos, with a particular focus on a photographic progression from the early model twos through to your later examples. A prototype Junior with a pedal shaft concentric with the clutch was built in ; the production engines did not have this built-in pedal shaft.

It was a standard engine and was only available with a three speed box, as was the 13D, which was a combination of the 10D cylinder onto a 12D crankcase. It had a fixed cylinder head, a variable ignition system and a twin exhaust system, similar to the cc models. Victa Villiers edger A cheeky request, Mal. A number of different specifications were offered for kart engines and a standard model fitted with turbo cooling fan and a choice of either kickstart or electric start for use in scooters was also available.

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Again they followed the pattern of the 9E. On the 1F enginez gear ratios were 1. Engines fitted with electric starter, fan cooling and reverse gears are noted by the additions of S, F and R after the Mark coding e. Must have been a great year Your suggestion on the MK2 being off a Villager or Vampire looks pretty spot on from the images I've seen.

Engines Dating villiers

During the decade, in addition to the road racing successes already mentioned, Dave Bickers won many awards in scrambles and moto cross events both in Great Britain and Europe, including the cc class of the Belgian Moto Cross Grand Prix on his Greeves Villiers. Sectional view of the Junior de Luxe engine The death of the founder of Villiers, Sir Charles Marston on the 21st May was a sad blow to all members of the firm. The 3E and the 9D started a trend which was to follow for many years, both were made to a very similar pattern. There was.

This was intended for use in three wheelers but was quickly adapted to become a trials motor. An exterior flywheel was fitted. The automatic lubrication was fed from the crankcase and the flywheel magneto was placed in front of the engine.

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