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They are negative caricature all which focus around the laziness and biological inferiority. We even read a story Tarzan that are steeped with then current thoughts on Eugenics and Social Darwinsim. Everyone in the class is white except MrMary, every time he raises his hand the pressure and tension in the air is palatable. The teachers stick to the script for the most part but there is a tension in the air and I am the source of it. Not that the teachers would say anything wrong, not that they are racist. But there is a strange guilt they feel whenever they touch upon issues like slavery and colonialism.

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Some of the comments made by the students are infuriating: But you move on right? Eventually you go back to those teachers and say thank you for at least talking about it? When your a white student and not even the only one, in a class that talks about racism, you file a complaint about feeling uncomfortable and the class gets shut down and the teacher moved. The course preaches tolerance of all backgrounds. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and invite local community leaders to speak in the class. They are prompted to talk honestly about racism, class disparity, and privilege in their day to day lives at the start of every session. The board also banned future use of the Courageous Conversations teaching method employed by Greenberg to address issues of race and gender.

Some Important Points District officials have revealed little about the nature of the complaint. The parents who filed the grievance against Greenberg have remained silent about what their daughter found offensive. The fact that we come to the conversation with diverse racial realities and experiences causes us discomfort. I find it an interesting matter of choice. I had no choice but to accept all the discomfort.

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