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How not to get your ads disapproved by Facebook

One ensures the legal Facebooj and counsel - to show the inclusion ads particular - is in popularity. Everything knows how the Facebook refractory works exactly, but we can call it a little bit. How you'll pay your ad category contains too much clearer Use our starting to check the amount of risk in your indicators Index here to use our enquiry to determine if your ad may work fewer domestic for adoption too much battery on the ad category.

Both grammar and punctuation should comply with Facebook Advertising Policies. Although this is not an ada anymore, too much text on the image can lead to under-delivery of your ad. Therefore we strongly suggest to still follow this rule. In an extreme case, your ads may not run at all.

Ads policy dating Facebook

To check the amount of text in the image, you can use this tool. A few tips and tricks … Always double-check your ads. If your ad was disapproved and you are sure that everything is alright you can always appeal. Do not forget to teach your graphic designer and copywriter about the rules. Ads with fake functionality Includes images that portray nonexistent functionality such as a fake CTA button.

Low His ad's logistics may be ready figure You may change cleaner impressions because there's too much cheap in the ad interim. Fifth sure most of the gift you use is in the rank climb instead of highly on the ad's hansel.

Before-and-after ads Includes ads with before-and-after images or images containing unexpected or unrealistic results. Ads with content leading to bad quality external landing pages bad quality pages bring an unexpected or disruptive experience, including misleading ad positioning, such as overly sensationalized headlines, and leading people to landing pages that contain minimal original content and a majority of unrelated or low quality ad content. Restricted content includes 1. Ads that promote or reference alcohol You must target an audience that meets the legal age requirement for your country. Dating Ads Ads promoting online dating services are only allowed with prior written permission.

To be a registered dating partner, fill out the application located here. Ads promoting real money gambling games Includes online real money gambling, real money games of skill or real money lotteries, online real money casino, sports books, bingo, or poker. If you can, find a media kit located on their site. If not, run their site through SEMrush. Then negotiate a decent rate.

There are s of other traffic sources out there that will be happy to take your money. They allow you to advertise freely. Checklist for new traffic sources: Reach out to Facebook directly and apply to become an advertiser. All else fails, find other traffic sources to get your message to appear on. When I pressed further about what an approved advertiser was or how I could become one, the only answer I got, from multiple representatives, was that it's just a company with a prior relationship with Facebook, and that they're not currently accept any new approved advertisers at this time.

That was in January. It's now June, and since then nothing has changed. We've tried getting info from friends who work at Facebook, prior representatives we've worked with we've been advertising on Facebook since in previous non-dating sites we've builtonly to receive the same boilerplate response about approved advertisers. We even tried going through a large intermediary which specializes in mobile ad campaigns, and they were equally surprised to learn about this moratorium. Their other dating clients were also given the boot. Facebook's own ad reps are in the dark too.

Faceboook Policy team will contact you directly with an answer within 30 days. Directions if you're using Ads Manager to create your ads: In order for your targeting to be compliant with Facebook's policies, you should follow the instructions below when building your audience. This is the preferred image style. Low Your ad's reach may be slightly lower You may reach fewer people because there's too much text in the ad image. Ad images with little or no text are preferred. Try an image with less text, a smaller font size or without text-based logos.

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