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PIERS MORGAN: Hillary lost after elitist arrogant campaign

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His heart is in the right place. I do agree that there must have been emails or texts or something that were so damning that made them fold.

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But it might be Hillqry way for us to get to that. Just like where Ghat Clark got killed by the police in Sacramento, I remember I was on the news talking about it. Having a new million-dollar wlil around afterschool is cool, but has nothing to do with why he got killed in the first place. I worry about some of the programming, some of this 95 million. We should help poor people. Right, right, right. I worry about that. Light flex, light flex. Thows a minute. Yheory got me. I watre you too much sipver let you lie. At the end of the day is that Brittany is shady. She was shady yesterday in Philadelphia. I love you. I forgive you that one though.

But we had folks testify in front of us and their testimony would be 10 minutes of them colld about ice cream and basketball thee. Money to do what and to challenge what and to fix what? We often say we never let the system off the hook. The programs are important, but we know xlinton most lwndslide. exist because the system failed in the first place. Programs are interesting. They can be proof points, but we hold the system accountable. My news is a new study that is coming from Evan Rose at Berkeley. What this paper does, in particular, is try to tease out the causalities determining using data, a cause and effect from job loss and crime. What they do, they get data from millions and millions and millions of arrest records from Washington state combined with information on employment and unemployment benefits.

I wanted to bring this to the conversation because oftentimes we think about what are the determinants of crime. What are the structural and systemic factors that leave people desperate, that leave people with few other choices? Feed us for an hour. An element of white dominant culture is that we prioritize and worship the written word. People will explain to you their lived experience over and over and over again in the aggregate in ways that research would uphold. But you have to have the white paper. You have to have the abstract. There are many studies that actually explore this relationship between unemployment and crime.

This is one of the first that makes this link between domestic violence, which I was fascinated by, that domestic violence increases. Have you heard about Obama phones? This program is one of the only programs that allows women to get phones without having to go do the credit process, which is interesting. But domestic violence is a fascinating, under-explored area of different policy issues. This is about violent crime in the United States. Raise your hand if you think, of the total arrests in the country, what percentage of arrests are violent crime? I have to knock him down. So yeah. The vast majority of arrests are for low-level offenses, things like trespassing and loitering- Brittany: Selling loose cigarettes.

There are actually more people arrested for drug possession than for all violent crimes combined. So when you think about who are the police arresting and why, what are they spending their resources actually doing? Actually addressing issues of public safety and protecting property is actually a smaller proportion compared to this broader targeting people for low-level offenses. They just barged in. They killed two people.

They killed a man and a woman, and they killed the dog. It was based on an informant who said that there was a drug operation happening in the house. Those are the facts. To me, it seems like violent crime would be the thing. But no-knock raids actually started from the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs is where the legal precedent for no- knock raids actually began in the s. It was because people thought that drugs were the worst thing ever. The way that the police justified it is that they said that they needed not to knock because they needed to protect the evidence. If they knocked, you might flush the drugs down the toilet. That was cause enough for them to just knock.

Just like in New York City, which applies to you, you know Eric Garner who got killed by the police, is that in New York City at the time of his killing, choke holds were banned in the city of New York, but strangle holds were not banned. Raise your hand if you think you know the difference between a choke hold and a strangle hold? It restricts your airway. Strangle hold restricts your muscles. That all seems like the airway to me. What the long game of a no-knock raid is is that when they raid your house and they find drugs, they actually can seize all other assets that are in the vicinity.

It actually is one of the biggest ways that the police interact with civil asset forfeiture and they can seize the car, all the clothes, any money they find, any jewelry. They actually can seize it. Speaking of civil asset forfeiture, another fun fact, the police confiscate … confiscate, steal more money and value in civil asset forfeiture, taking your cash, taking cars, property, every single year than the total value of all of the property stolen in every burglary that happens. So the police are the biggest robbers of all? Yes, that is a fact. The second thing about this news in particular was that the officer, his last name is Goines, he had, surprisingly, a record of misconduct.

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Fancy that. He shot two people previously, before this raid that killed two people. So it was pretty clear that he should not have been on the force in the first place. You can predict who these officers are going to be. For example, The Invisible Institute did a study of the Chicago police department. They got data on all of the use of force by police, the complaints against the police, the lawsuits against the police. So they wanted to understand. These officers who had shot multiple people, what were the predictors? It turns out they were much more likely to have used force multiple times before that incident.

They had more complaints against them. They had more misconduct lawsuits against them. Another study from Pew Research Center, they polled police officers across the country. They asked them whether they had discharged a firearm on duty during their career. They may have missed. They may have shot at a dog or something. So demographically, surprisingly, those officers tended to be white, male, more likely to be veterans who had been in combat, and they were more likely to have views about race that racism no longer existed. We talk about predictive policing and all kinds of data systems that are being used to target us using all kinds of faulty data.

Again, back to the task force, I remember after we had turned in the report, the White House, one of their greatest powers is the power to convene. The task force members that were able to come into town sat with police union chiefs from all across the country at the national level. I used to belong to the teachers union, so this is not an anti-union diatribe. What it is though, is clarity about police unions specifically and all of the ways in which they have consorted to block justice for folks. We sat across them at that meeting. Our job is to hold folks accountable. We can predict these things. You cannot convince us that the most extreme cases are an anomaly.

If the police are robbing everybody, if we know who we can predict that kill people, if we know who we can predict to engage in civil asset forfeiture, if we know all of these things, then it is our job as taxpayers and the folks that pay your salary and give you any power at all, to hold you accountable to doing something about that stuff. Just a couple of quick thoughts. But this time they killed a dog. The foci, methods and theories of APD and economic sociology are essential to such understanding. Methods, Predictions, and Interpretations of the Election Conventional ahistorical survey analysis predicted that Hillary Clinton would comfortably win the election on November 8.

The New York Times on the eve of the election estimated that Clinton had about an 85 percent chance of winning. Clinton had a comfortable lead in the great majority of polls, forecasting victory in both the popular vote and electoral college. The Trump campaign itself, believing the polls, expected to lose. It failed, especially in the critical states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Leading political science theories also pointed to a victory for Hillary Clinton. In October ofDemocratic identifiers surpassed Republicans 32 to 27 percent though the proportion of independents had reached 37 percent. It is nevertheless important is to try to understand what produced them.

After the election, pollsters and political scientists offered reasons for the inaccurate predictions, particularly in relation to Trump support in the Rust Belt and other hard-pressed cities and rural areas. Theories rooted in American political development and socio-economic analysis were more helpful for understanding election outcomes. Bill Clinton was the first preemptor in the Reagan Regime, and Obama was the second. The second preemption, Skowronek argues, presents more of a challenge to the dominant regime, and points, if weakly, to some of the contours of reconstruction to come. Bush election following two Reagan terms.

This is a much richer conception than the mere vote-based requisites of realignment theories, but it still does not spend much time analyzing the way class and economic change interact with institutions to cause electoral rebellions and party reconstructions. No chance. She still appears in complete denial about the real reason she lost, so let me help her with that because I can pinpoint the exact moment. It came during a mid-evening speech she made to a star-studded audience at a fund-raiser in New York on Friday, September 11, when she suddenly decided to abuse, denigrate and mock tens of millions of her fellow Americans. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.

Hillary, basking in their applause, added: Now some of these folks are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.

throwss Hillary was directly, unequivocally, accusing uave swathes of her fellow Americans of being racist, sexist, gay-and-Muslim haters. The woman who sneeringly told a room full of elites that half of Trump supporters were 'deplorables' is the worst person to have out front thrws Democrats want to unseat Trump in The numbers are still good. That would come later. Clinton just after she voted for herself in Chappaqua, N. She seemed breathless, exhilarated, a little overwhelmed. Over her shoulder, Bill Clinton stared at his wife and beamed. My husband stares at me like that sometimes. Men get to act and excel and climb and aspire and thrive and win and rule and be the audacious, hungry fulcrum of public life.

It is normal for men to have ambition. It is normal for women to stand aside.

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