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Saputra, a resident and activist, says the shutdown will damage their incomes. In Dolly Lane at night, the streets are usually bustling with activity. But in the days leading up to the closure of the area, Dolly was unusually quiet. Dozens of sex workers were hanging around on the pavements outside, waiting for customers. In a house next to a brothel, a toddler sat on a terrace with his parents, while other children played football on the streets. Residents and sex workers live side-by-side in Dolly. Despite the fact that Indonesia is a deeply devout Muslim nation - home to the world's largest Muslim population in fact - Dolly has provided ample income for many of the residents, allowing them to raise their children and provide for their families.

She's been a sex worker for 12 years, and she has two children who are in school.

I have to earn money for my kids and my family. If I don't work, I can't give them any money. But she doesn't get to keep all of her earnings. Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia but closing down red-light districts has always been a challenge for officials because of the number of people who depend on the sex trade to make a living. What will happen to their families in the interim?

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We only agreed because we are worried about the children who live there and the impact the sex trade is having on them. Young women are offered employment opportunities in major cities, then raped and forced to prostitute themselves while paying money to their pimps. The International Labour Organization ILO reports that roughly 70 percent of Indonesian child prostitutes are brought into the trade by their family or friends. Bali, for example, is known for its "Kuta Cowboys", male sex workers who solicit foreign tourists. The most common is heterosexual female prostitution, though transvestite and male homosexual prostitution also exist to a lesser extent.

Child prostitution also exists in certain tourism resort islands, such as Batam and Bali. It is estimated that 40, to 70, Indonesian children engage in prostitution within the country. The last large red-light district containing many Ineonesian was Gang Dolly in Surabaya eex, one of aex largest in Southeast Indobesian, [10] which closed in They can also be booked via telephone. In internet forumsprostitutes and pornography are offered to livs members of good standing, as measured by their activity on the forum. A senior member of the forum posts a "free report" offering a description of the member's experience with a prostitute; contact information is provided upon request by private message.

Prostitution rings on Facebook have also been reported. The Tang dynasty Ch'iu-T'ang shu and Hsin T'ang shu historical records, which originated circa CE, reported that in the country of Ho-ling in Java, there were a number of "poisonous women". Those who had sex with these harlots would suffer festering wounds and die afterwards. This was the earliest record of prostitution and its connection with sexually-transmitted disease in ancient Java. Following the spread of Islam in Indonesiaprostitution is thought to have increased due to Islam's disapproval of contractual weddings.

The manuscript describes various sexual positions and techniques mastered by prostitutes in Java in order to satisfy their clients. Serat Centhini also says that there was once a thriving brothel near the royal tomb of Imogiri.

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