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Over the next week, she hit 2. She began sharing this rags-to-riches w on Instagram and YouTube late inand by January her antics had found an audience. Lil Tay mocked him for being three times her age Lookijg still on YouTube with nowhere near her bank account. In March, roughly dzte months after posting her first videos, Lil Tay connected with Dooney Battle, co-founder of the frienc group Tha Lights Global. Tha Lights Global has emerged as the premier management group specializing in musicians and rappers who begin their careers with social-media fireworks.

Instead, a year-old boy, Jason Tian, wrote back. Who is Jason Tian? The Rise of Trap Kids How three kid rappers got their starts. Jason had his own past on the internet. Going by Rycie on YouTube, he primarily posted diss raps in hopes of igniting online fights with YouTubers who had more followers. But his act was derivative and redundant and never gained much traction. A little girl saying all of the things he thought — that was something new, much more outrageous, and clickable. And he had just the little girl. Here, Jason introduces a whole new form of stage mom: According to many of the managers Lil Tay temporarily worked with in L.

The word bitches exploding out of her miniature body, all zipped up in a pink Gap sweatshirt, was sensational enough to break through — and a meme star was born. For him, Battle was the ultimate get. He needed parental consent. Lil Tay, of course, talked a big game about her hard-earned riches and Atlanta street cred, but in fact she is the daughter of a Vancouver real-estate broker. Battle bought the trio plane tickets to come to L. When they arrived, in early April, he told them he wanted a five-year management deal, period. With Battle in the past, the family moved in with Woah Vicky and Josiah Jenkins, who had made a name for himself on Vine and at one point ran the Instagram account mom.

They got to know one another. It went well enough that, a couple days later, Lil Tay joined Vicky at the Glendale mall for the fateful encounter with Bhabie. Overnight, Lil Tay became the hottest commodity in L. At this juncture, Lil Tay is no longer a person as much as a brand, a product, and a potential business. To get it right and hit lasting fame or just something like a recording deal and an agent requires the same level of strategy it takes to win a Super Bowl or to get the crowd out of Times Square after the ball drops. That means planning, organizing, networking. The right tags in the right places in the right time slots. Jason, at 16, had created the character and the scripts, but now the family needed someone with experience.

But here we are with Chantalle Ng, who is unabashedly pouring out details of what she tells her mum, veteran Ch 8 actress Lin Meijiao, in the queen-sized bed they share in their semi-d house every night. After all, Meijiao filed for divorce from former Ch 8 actor Huang Yiliang when Chantalle was just a few months old and single-handedly raised her over the past two decades. The pair officially divorced in after six years of marriage. But yes, back to the bed. I know deep inside, she wants to keep me by her side for as long as she can. Despite the year age gap, both of you behave like BFFs who hang out together.

I love nature. My growing up years were some of the happiest days of my rriend. We travel a lot too. I feel that aa a break from work from time to time is very important. Travelling is great because you need to see some things in real life to really experience it. We love Australia so much that we go back every year. My mum makes it a point for us to travel together once or twice a year. For me, the most memorable trip was going to South Africa.

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We visited [former Ch 8 actress] Zheng Wanling smilee lives dor with her [diplomat] husband. It was very surreal going to the safaris and seeing the wild animals up close. It was really an eye-opener for me. We know you guys are very tight but surely there are things that you disagree on? Instead, I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my only daughter over the years. I treated her like my precious doll smiles. You filed for divorce when Chantalle was just a baby. It requires a lot of courage to get a divorce so quickly after giving birth. What does baller mean?

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