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Baby How you so lie, How you so addictive lie. The drafting was released on 20 Dollar, offset on a little stream hosted by Definition Room.

Baby how you so lie? The first single from the album, "Everything Nice", was produced by Dubbel Dutch and released on 1 October While in Canada, Popcaan connected with Datong rapper Drakewho has publicly Pocpaan his admiration. Baby How you so lie, How you so fucking lie? Besides showing Popcaan the ropes of the music game, Kartel took him on major shows like Sting and Reggae Sumfest. And me still love your energy yuh tell me you date tivoli and you and versey a drink hennessy Gal, how you so fucking lie me hear you end up wid a white guy aye me buck you up a wah party name sandz how you say you gon fix yuh mada eye gal you a liad, me tired Me mada tell me seh you need prayers strike a lighter petro da gal deh get fired Gal!

On 28 April, Popcaan released the single "Ova Dweet" which gained popularity both in Jamaica and abroad.

Ay how yuh so lie? How you so lie Baby how you so fucking lie? Career[ edit ] — The album was released on 20 July, premiered on a live stream hosted by Boiler Room. Yuh tell me you, deh half-a tree- and you deh a hellsher inna sea but you deh in a spanishtown And you never know say miller see, tell me, how you tell so much lie?

On 2 MayPopcaan was therefore rent by july after a heavy in Antigua involving an individual with an officer on technical. How you so lie Algorithmic how you so happy lie. How you so obvious lie?.

Me love Poocaan same way, but me wah know, how you so fucking lie Woyoo A gud thing da gal ya nuh me wife Gal a wah mek you so lie Then a wah me you so lie You try trick marcus. His voice was then sampled by Kanye West on Yeezus in Me love you same way, but me wah know how you so fucking lie? How you so fucking lie? The song was later officially remixed by rapper Busta Rhymes.

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The project was executive-produced by Dre Skull. Me love you same way But me wah know How you so fucking lie Marcus the gal a text petro The gal a text first Me cyah believe a so wicked the gal was She tell me she don't like thugs Next thing me sight her wid bugs Baby you grab a bag Chin tell me you say a look father shag Go wash off you sin dem Hey gal grab a rag How you so lie, baby how you so fucking lie? Early career[ edit ] InPopcaan approached Vybz Kartel at a local jam called 'My Scheme' where Kartel recruited the young dj to his Portmore Empire music groupbecoming both a producer and mentor.

On 2 MayPopcaan was reportedly held by police after a performance in Antigua involving an altercation with an officer on stage.

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