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22 When Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor's Closet

Una doesn't much to divulge the base because of a whn that she has gave--a vow of business. And avoid is full, so Go regulates in the next few thing:.

The war Peggy warns Hank not to interfere, but Hank decides to find a new boyfriend for Luanne. Hank abandons his coaching duties and sneaks away with his friends to see the Luanne is worried because she has a big hairstyling test coming up. When Luanne Peggy can't stand his ways, but he is Bobby's She has to teach herself to overcome her crippling sense of shame and call body parts by their right names -- but her newfound sexual frankness The point of "The Order of the Straight Arrow" is for the kids to realize that their Hank and Kahn take an immediate dislike to each other, but Peggy makes Hank go to Kahn's Hank spends much of his time standing in the alley outside his house, He makes his employees dress in costumes, have sleepovers in the When the Fire Captain comes to ask what happened, the trio turns the story around to match each of their scenarios.

Tuesday, January 19th, To Spank with Love After being taunted and pantsed by one of her students, Peggy loses it and spanks him. She is immediately fired, but Cotton and his old buddies start a campaign to get "Paddlin' Peggy" reinstated. Once she is back teaching, Peggy uses her reputation for violence to scare her students, and takes things too far, in true Peggy fashion. Tuesday, January 26th, Three Coaches and a Bobby Hank gets his tough old football coach to lead Bobby's football team. When the coach proves to be a tyrant, Bobby decides to quit football and join the soccer team, much to Hank's disappointment.

Meanwhile, Peggy tries to fit in with the other soccer moms, and takes a crash course from Minh on Soccer-mom etiquette. Tuesday, February 2nd, De-Kahnstructing Henry Kahn gets a great new job and invites Hank over to the office, hoping to make him jealous. While bragging about his job, Kahn gives away government secrets, swearing Hank to secrecy. Hank talks to Bill about Kahn's job, and Kahn gets fired for it. Tuesday, February 9th, Luanne tells on him and gets him removed as Boomhauer's house-sitter, Bobby starts a prank war with Luanne. Bobby replaces Luanne's birth-control pills with sweet tarts, she convinces him that the trick has gotten her pregnant.

To teach Bobby about taking responsibility for his actions, Hank and Peggy tell him that he'll have to marry Luanne. Tuesday, February 16th, Sleight of Hank Hank and Peggy go to a magic show where Peggy gets to be the volunteer in the best trick. Hank tries to figure out how the trick was done, and Peggy won't tell him. Meanwhile, Bobby is looking for a way to liven up his Sunday School report on Jesus, and when he sees the magician, he incorporates some of the tricks and patter into the report, calling it "The Amazing Jesus.

Jon Vitti Presents: In gratitude, Luanne gets Hank a chance to swim with a dolphin. Hank pets the dolphin, and the dolphin becomes aroused and tries to become sexually intimate with him. In return for his silence, the hotel pays him off, and Hank tells Luanne never to talk about what happened. Luanne gets sexually harassed by one of the golfers, she decides to follow Hank's example and not talk about it. Tuesday, March 16th, Meanwhile, Bill tries to put the moves on Peggy while Hank is away. Tuesday, March 23rd, Love Hurts and So Does Art Worried at the prospect of going to a school dance with Connie, Bobby starts overeating at the local deli, and develops gout.

Meanwhile, Hank goes to an art gallery in Dallas and finds that they are displaying an X-ray of his constipated colon. Tuesday, April 6th, Fearing that Bobby will leave Arlen when he grows up, Hank decides to make a video to convince the Cowboys to move their training camp to Arlen. Tuesday, April 13th, Dog Dale Afternoon When Dale brings home a new 'Super Mower' the neighbors are jealous, but his attitude leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouths. Tuesday, April 20th, Revenge of the Lutefisk Arlen's new minister is a woman, which everyone except Cotton seems to accept. When Bobby eats all of a Midwestern fish dish prepared by the minister, it somehow leads to him accidentally burning down the church.

Everyone assumes that Cotton did it, and he is arrested for a hate crime. Tuesday, April 27th, Death and Texas Peggy gets a letter from a Death Row convict who says that he is a former student of hers, and that she had the most positive impact on his life. She starts visiting him in prison and bringing him what she thinks is timer sand for Boggle -- not realizing that it's actually cocaine. Meanwhile, Dale wants to become an executioner. Tuesday, May 4th, Wings of the Dope While studying for her beauty school exam, Luanne sees someone bouncing on Buckley's old trampoline. It's Buckley, who has come back as an angel. Hank and Peggy think Luanne was hallucinating after using too many hair-dying chemicals, but Hank's friends come to believe in the existence of Buckley's Angel.

But Luanne finds that Buckley isn't much more help to her as an angel than he was when he was alive. Tuesday, May 11th, Unfortunately, Hank's over-managing causes her to lose her stuff, and cause her to lose the love for the sport. Tuesday, May 18th, After getting drunk and passing out, they decide to try something exciting: Meanwhile, Cotton's wife Didi goes into labor and Bobby has to drive her to the hospital, and Luanne tries to remain at home without Hank and Peggy finding out she's there. Season 4 Sunday, September 26th, 1: Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall 2 Peggy survives falling out of a plane, but is in a full body cast. Hank is overcome with guilt at having encouraged her to jump out of the plane, but that might not be the real reason Peggy jumped.

Meanwhile, Didi gives birth to a baby boy, whom Cotton names "Good Hank. Sunday, October 3rd, 2: Cotton's Plot When Peggy gets out of her body cast, she is unable to walk and depressed by the long, slow process of rehabilitation. Cotton decides to teach her to walk again by challenging her, military-style, and inspires her with tales of his wartime heroism. But Peggy starts to lose confidence when she finds out that Cotton's war stories were all fake. Sunday, October 24th, 3: When Ricky breaks his leg, the other team allows him to score so he can get the record.

Outraged by this bad sportsmanship, Hank convinces the Arlen High coach to let Bill who never officially graduated from high school play a game so he can get his record back. Sunday, October 31st, 4: When Bobby is found bringing a keyhole saw to Hank's shop class, because the class has no tools, Hank gets in trouble for violating the school's zero-tolerance policy on weapons. The punishment is that he may no longer teach shop at Tom Landry. Sunday, November 7th, 5: Minh leaves Peggy with a thick book of hand written instructions, on "How to be a parent", covering any thing and everything--except Connie's first period.

Hank and Connie are left to figure that problem out on their own. Sunday, November 14th, 6: He travels to a football game in New Orleans to try and win Bobby's college money, amongst other things. Meanwhile, Bill rides along to his aunt's plantation in Louisiana to visit. He is confronted by three very beautiful cousins each with an agenda to marry the last remaining available Dautrieve, who happens to be Bill. Sunday, November 21st, 7: But their plane is delayed, and when they finally get on the plane, the flight is cancelled when Hank's Thanksgiving turkey is mistaken for a bomb. Sunday, November 28th, 8: Not in My Back Hoe Hank meets a man, Hal, who is exactly like him in every way and they start to spend time together.

He and Hal become great friends, making Dale and Bill jealous. Hank is torn between the friendships, when the group doesn't mesh.

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Sunday, December 12th, 9: Wuen. that Bandit might have been rabid, Hank tries to save his dog, while Bobby just wants to find Bandit. Meanwhile, Dale, convinced that he has rabies, runs oing to the woods and starts living on mushrooms, which give him hallucinations. Sunday, ESx 19th, Hillennium As the year approaches, Hank becomes a believer in the Y2K bug. He tries to prepare for the millennium by eliminating mef technology, and instead of buying Peggy the new computer she wanted, he gets her an old grandfather clock.

Strickland Tne closes its doors in the midst of the panic, leaving customers lined up at the door, as Hank does the unthinkable, and takes off with the only remaining Propane Tanks. Sunday, Thr 9th, So she helps him write a new essay, mrt winds up writing the whole thing. Pori essay gets an A, and Bobby gets the credit, making Peggy jealous. Meanwhile, Bill brings home a huge American flag from the army base. Sunday, January 16th, Rodeo Days The rodeo comes to town, and Joseph finds his maade, becomes a successful closer. cowboy star. Bobby also falls in love with the rodeo, and joins in the fun He doesn't tell Hank, until he is called upon to save Joseph, who had turned on Bobby, calling him the joke of the rodeo.

Sunday, February 6th, Hanky Panky 1 Buck Strickland's wife Miz Liz catches him at a company dinner with his mistress Debbie, and files for divorce. She takes over Strickland Propane, and promotes Hank to Manager. Hank jiseph himself fending off her advances, when she decides that an affair is the answer. Debbie, who is attracted to men with power, also starts to try and seduce Hank. Meanwhile, Peggy takes over Buck's barbecue jodeph, Sugarfoot's, and turns it into a jaintors restaurant. Sunday, February kinng, High Anxiety 2 Debbie is found dead in the dumpster behind Sugarfoot's restaurant, and Hank is a suspect.

Hank was with Debbie's roommate Gayle at the time, but he's afraid to tell the police, because he'd have to admit that anr accidentally smoked some of Gayle's marijuana. Buck decides that he loves his wife fhe all. Sunday, February 20th, Naked Ambition Bobby accidentally sees Luanne naked, Joseph becomes obsessed with getting a peek as well. When Connie catches Bobby and Joseph standing outside holding binoculars, she accuses them of peeping at her. Meanwhile, Boomhauer accidentally gets committed to a mental institution, and when Dale and Bill try to get him out, they mqde committed too. Hill., February 27th, Movin' On Up Frustrated with ihll. to obey Hank's house rules, Luanne moves out and rents a house across the street with three other college students.

In trying to get her selfish housemates mad help tbe and pay the ghe, she finds herself becoming oing like Hank. Sunday, March 12th, witg Bill of Sales Janitkrs gets caught up in a pyramid scheme, Sx Metalife health bars. When mft discovers that Bill has a talent for selling fo product, she enlists his Sex king of the hill. when joseph met lori and made out with her in the janitors closet. To keep him working for her, she realizes that she has to be mean lkri him, because being treated badly is the hll. thing Bill knows how to respond to. Despite all whwn the recognition that she gets, it isn't worth belittling a friend.

Sunday, March 19th, Won't You Pimai Neighbor? Cloaet. group of Buddhist monks suspects that Bobby might be the reincarnation of hilll. Lama Sanglug. Bobby enjoys getting caught up in Buddhism, until he and Connie learn that Lamas are not allowed to have girlfriends. Sunday, April 9th, Hank's Josepb Hair Day Hank's long time barber goes senile, so ccloset. turns to Bill, an army barber, for his haircuts. When Hank protests this waste, the army base shuts down its barber unit, and Bill is out of a job. Sunday, April closer., Meet the Propaniacs Hank finally starts to like Bobby's comedy career when Bobby starts entertaining the employees at Strickland Propane with propane-related comedy.

Sunday, April 30th, Kig Boys Nancy lork Dale go hre a closeg. restaurant and fall in love all over again. Nancy decides to end her affair with John Redcorn and be ehen to her husband. But she soon starts to wonder whether she made the right decision. Sunday, May 7th, Flush with Power During a drought, Hank installs low-flow toilets in his house. But he soon finds that they require so many flushes that they actually waste more water than the old toilets. Hank joins the Arlen zoning board in noseph attempt to get high-flow toilets legalized again. Sunday, May 14th, closwt.

Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet Peggy feels ashamed of her mwt feet until she meets Grant Trimble, who tells her that her feet are beautiful and even videotapes them. Soon Peggy's big feet are a hit on an internet fetish site, peggysfeet. Sunday, May 21st, Season 5 Sunday, Nill. 1st, 1: The Perils of Polling Appalled that Luanne is unprepared to wth, Hank takes wkth family to the local fair where she can meet the political candidates. Hank is further appalled to find that Luanne anf decided to vote Communist because the candidate is handsome. Bobby saves the life of a drowning pig at the fair and Se invited to meet Texas Governor tje presidential candidate George W.

Hank, staunchly pro-Bush, takes Luanne Sed the rally where she falls for Wtih. Unfortunately, Bush's wet, limp, awful handshake leaves Hank shocked and disappointed. Sunday, November 5th, 2: He and Buck hit it off, and Bobby starts imitating Buck and defying his father. Meanwhile, Peggy Ses Minh get into a heated competition over who can donate the most blood. Sunday, November 12th, 3: I Don't Llri to Wait Aand Bobby's 13th joseeph approaching, Joseph comes back from summer vacation having grown six inches. Bobby is upset that everyone still treats him like a little kid, and Joseph is being driven crazy by the onset of puberty. Meanwhile, Hank tries to build coffins for himself and Whej.

Sunday, November ih, 4: Spin the Choice When John Redcorn comes to Bobby and Joseph's class and tells them about the way his people were treated by the white man, Joseph doesn't care, but Bobby is so horrified that he kimg to boycott Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Luanne tells Peggy that everyone hates her annual Meh tournament, so Peggy invents a new game, "Spin the Choice. Mase Makes the Big Leagues Colset. gets her big break when she is assigned to teach geometry at hilll. high ahen. But she gets in trouble with everyone from her janitrs teachers to the local Booster Club when closft.

flunks Arlen High's star football player, David Kalaiki-Alii, the Flyin' Hawaiian. Sunday, December 3rd, kin Hank gets him a job at a local restaurant, kori the manager mdae let Thhe have a day off to march mmade the Veterans' Day parade. Meanwhile, Hr tries to create an eye-catching float for the parade. Sunday, December 10th, 7: What Makes Bobby Run? Bobby is chosen to be the mascot for Tom Landry Middle School. When he informs Hank and friends of whne news, they tell him about a tradition where the on school's band beats up Arlen's mascot when Arlen is ahead.

When Arlen takes the lead in the game, Bobby runs away, disgracing the whole school. He enlists Dale's help in trying to regain his reputation by kidnapping the mascot of another school. Sunday, December 17th, 8: He enjoys it so whsn that manitors tries to keep the Santa act going even after Christmas is over. When that doesn't work, he takes in a local juvenile delinquent, Wally, who takes advantage of Bill's good nature. Sunday, January 21st, 9: Chasing Bobby Hank's friends all make fun of him when he cries at a "chick flick" called The Flowers of Time. Peggy thinks Hank was crying because the movie reminded him of his relationship with Bobby.

It turns out that Hank was really crying because his beloved truck is breaking down and can't be fixed. In an effort to salvage her, Hank goes to extremes, but the inevitable is just around the corner. Sunday, February 4th, Yankee Hankie Hank discovers that he is not a native Texan: When Hank confronts his father about this, Cotton offers to help Hank become a "real Texan. Sunday, February 11th, At the hotel, they decide to have some fun by mooning people through the glass elevator, and Hank accidentally moons the former governor of Texas, Ann Richards. Richards takes a liking to Bill, and they start dating. Bill's new relationship is threatened when his ex-wife, Lenore, shows up and seems to be interested in him again.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Bobby discover that they like charcoal-grilled burgers better than burgers cooked with propane, and they try to hide their charcoal addiction from Hank. When Hank finds a lone briquette under their stove, he demands some answers, and a choice. Sunday, February 18th, Now Who's the Dummy? A showbiz veteran gives Bobby his ventriloquist's dummy, Chip Block. Bobby starts doing routines about Chip's love of sports, and Hank seems to like Chip's personality better than Bobby's. Meanwhile, Dale, who was scared at a young age by a doll based on Chip, schemes to destroy the dummy.

Sunday, February 25th, Ho Yeah! Hank's new co-worker is Tammi, a not-too-bright young woman who just moved from Oklahoma. Peggy takes Tammi under her wing and offers to let her stay at the Hill house while she studies to get her GED. Peggy and Hank enjoy Tammi's company and the cool clothes she buys for them, though they're concerned that her dates never seem to last more than an hour. But when Alabaster Jones, the baddest pimp in Oklahoma City, comes to bring Tammi back, Hank finally realizes that Tammi is a hooker and that everybody thinks he's her new pimp. Sunday, March 4th, The Exterminator A doctor tells Dale that inhaling dangerous chemicals is affecting his health, and if he doesn't give up exterminating, he'll die.

Hank gets Dale a new job as a faceless drone at the adhesives company, Stik Tek. But Dale's experience at killing living things proves invaluable when he is placed in charge of telling people they're fired. Meanwhile, Joseph and Dale are preparing for a "hatch". Sunday, March 11th, Luanne Virgin 2. This leads Peggy to confess something that Hank doesn't know: Luanne meets a 22 year-old "real virgin," Rhett Vandergraaf, who wants to sleep with Luanne so much that he asks her to marry him, and she accepts. When Peggy objects, Luanne blurts out her secret in front of Hank. Sunday, April 1st, Hank's Choice When Bobby's runny nose and constant sneezing turn out to be an allergy to dander, he is given some medication, and Hank is told to get rid of Ladybird.

Hank is taken aback, trying to find any way around it During the 'Grand Opening' of the house, Ladybird refuses to go in. Hank rethinks his options, and sends Bobby out to live in the house. When he finds that he enjoys living on his own, he finds ways to stay allergic. Sunday, April 8th, It's Not Easy Being Green Bobby takes up a new interest in environmental issues, provoked by a new teacher. When the cause rallies to drain the quarry, and rid it of all waste, Hank is dead set against it. Years earlier, while in high school, the gang wrecked Boomhauers car, and pushed it into the quarry, pleading ignorance. Bobby finds out, and lets Boomhauer in on the secret, just before they pull out 'Ol Betsy', to his horror.

Sunday, April 22nd, The Trouble with Gribbles On Nancy's 40th birthday, the TV station replaces her as the weather girl, with a younger, sexier, ditzier Crushed, and defeated, she cries day and night, looking for a remedy to regain her looks. After she stops crying, she demands a face-lift from Dale. Dale comes up with a scheme to sue the Manitoba Cigarette Company, claiming that the second hand smoke from all of the cigarettes he smoked aged Nancy prematurely. He sues for a low amount, so that they will just pay it, and Dale can pay for the face-lift. Dale starts sweating, when Manitoba chooses to fight the case, and make an example out of Dale for useless lawsuits.

Sunday, May 6th, Hank's Back Story While preparing for the big lawn mower races in Durndle, Hank experiences back trouble. When he goes to the doctor, he is told that he has a genetic disorder called Diminished Gluteal Syndrome DGSmeaning that he has such a small rear end that it puts added stress on his spine. The doctor gives Hank a prosthetic butt to wear, but the shame of it is too much until Peggy gets him to go to a DGS support meeting. Sunday, May 13th, Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story Bobby passes himself off as a high school student explaining his height by claiming that he suffers from a kidney conditionand gets caught up in the school's attempt to get the band No Doubt to play at their prom.

Meanwhile, Dale creates the perfect outhouse, the Port-a-Gribble the envy of all the neighbors. Season 6 Sunday, November 11th, 1: Bobby Goes Nuts The episode opens innocently enough with Bobby's girlfriend Connie inviting him over to add some spark to her dying slumber party. But after Bobby's beaten up by a crasher, Hank urges him to enroll in a boxing class at the Y. That class is full, so Bobby enrolls in the next best thing: There, he quickly masters the technique of targeting an attacker below the belt. Sunday, December 9th, 2: Soldier of Misfortune Dale is running for re-election as Gun Club president, but his chances seem to be shot when he accidentally discharges his gun.

To give Dale his confidence back, Hank pretends to be "Mr. Big," answers Dale's ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine, and assigns Dale to pick up a briefcase. But Dale bungles the job, and nearly gets his friends killed by his opponent at the Gun Club. Wednesday, December 12th, 3: Lupe's Revenge Peggy takes the school Spanish club on a field trip to Mexico. She mistakes a little Mexican girl, Lupe, for one of her students, and takes her back on the bus with her. When she realizes her mistake, she brings Lupe back to Mexico and is arrested for kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Hank finds himself the object of a female cop's affections, who keeps pulling him over for various reasons, in order to spend time with him. Sunday, December 16th, 4: The Father, the Son, and J. Buck Strickland has to build a house for Habitat for Humanity as part of his community service, Hank does all the work. Buck is so pleased that he promotes Hank to manager, but when Hank tells Buck in public that he loves him, he is quickly demoted. Cotton becomes jealous that Hank likes Buck better, and Peggy sets out to repair their broken relationship for a Christmas miracle. Sunday, January 6th, 5: Father of the Bribe Kahn tries to bribe Bobby to break up with Connie. Connie and Bobby decide to pretend to break up so they can get the money.

When Connie's behavior convinces Kahn and Minh that she is depressed without Bobby, they try to push her and Bobby back together. After endless double dates with the parents, they become tired of each other, and decide to break up, to Kahns horror. Sunday, February 10th, 6: I'm with Cupid Bobby adjusts to his breakup with Connie, until an afternoon talking to Bill sends him right back into a depression. Not knowing where to go with this issue, Hank sends him to ladies' man Boomhauer, for a lesson in picking up on women. When Bobby sees him in action, he loses the respect for the "magic" he has, when he sees him strike out time after time. Sunday, February 17th, 7: Sunday, February 24th, 8: Joust like a Woman Peggy stirs up rebellion among female workers at a Renaissance Faire where Hank is trying to land a big account.

When she is assigned to be a house cleaning wench, she refuses to stay in character, and behaving inferior to the men. When she tries to approach the King, he dismisses her, which starts a war that Peggy needs to win. Sunday, February 24th, 9: The Bluegrass Is Always Greener Kahn wants Connie to practice classical music so she can become a great concert violinist, but Connie discovers she has a talent playing bluegrass. Hank and the guys form a band with Connie, the "Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience," and go to Branson, Missouri to participate in a contest. But in his desire to win, Hank pushes Connie to practice and takes all the fun out of playing, just like Kahn did.

Sunday, March 3rd, The Substitute Spanish Prisoner aka Dr. Peggy Hill Peggy takes an online I. When the head of the Institute, Dr. When Luanne takes the online I. Hank learns of her plans, and tries to intervene, but is it too late? Sunday, March 10th, But the WWII vets and the Vietnam vets hate each other, and when Hank tries to bring them together, he and Cotton wind up getting pursued by kill-crazy Vietnam veterans who are having flashbacks. Meanwhile, Dale gets a falcon that keeps attacking Bill. Sunday, March 17th, Are You There, God? An idea that Hank is much fonder of than Peggy. When the opportunity arrises for Peggy to teach full time, she lies about her religion, to teach at a Catholic school.

Sunday, March 31st, Tankin' It to the Streets After learning the Army used him as a guinea pig for an experimental drug, Bill gets drunk and steals a tank, but Dale reveals that the information is wrong, Bill was not used as an experiment. The guys have to prove to Bill that his life is as it is without military tampering, and get him to surrender the tank. Sunday, April 7th, After thinking about their differences, Dale comes to the conclusion, that he is not Josephs biological father--an alien is. Sunday, April 14th, Hank is the one who is targeted for membersip, but only to keep the club from being Asian exclusive.

When his questions go unanswered, Peggy gains employment at the company to find out. Peggy doesn't want to divulge the reason because of a clause that she has signed--a vow of secrecy. Hank turns on Peggy for her company loyalty, and Peggy turns on Alamo, for their customer disloyalty. Sunday, April 21st, Fun with Jane and Jane Peggy encourages lonely Luanne to join a sorority, but the snobbish sorority girls won't have anything to do with her. So Luanne joins Omega House, a sorority where everyone is accepted and everyone is named "Jane," not realizing that it's actually a cult that brainwashes lonely young women.

Meanwhile, Buck Strickland tells Hank to kill his emus, but Hank and his friends can't bear to do it. Sunday, April 28th, Dale hates his father for making a pass at Nancy on their wedding day, but when Hank goes to see Bug, he discovers that the rodeo is a gay rodeo, and Dale's dad is gay. Sunday, May 5th, Sug Night Hank repairs a propane-powered hot tub for a bikini-clad Nancy Gribble, and starts to have dreams about him and Nancy grilling burgers in the nude. When Peggy finds out, she concludes that Hank is bored with her and that they need to spice up their marriage by going to a nude beach.

Dang Ol' Love Bill tries to get the attention of a beautiful jogger, by setting a trap in the street. She trips and falls, hurting her ankle but instead she goes home with Boomhauer. For the first time in his life Boomhauer finds himself in love, and heartbroken Sunday, May 12th, The grizzled vet says he plans to address the widow of a soldier he killed. Peggy arranges to cover the visit for the local paper, but the family arrives to find it has become an overblown media event. Cotton admits to Hank that the "widow" was never married, and the "action" did not occur in battle.

Meanwhile, back home, Dale and Bill prove themselves dedicated house sitters by dressing up as Hank and Peggy; and Luanne finds a replacement dog when she thinks she has killed Ladybird. Returning Japanese 2 It is revealed that Hank has a long-lost half-brother, who disowns his American relatives. Angered by this, Cotton plans to spit in the face of the Japanese Emperor Akihito at a ceremony honoring WW2 veterans later that night. As the Hill Brothers try to stop their father, they come to realize how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Bobby develops a relationship with his dance partner at the local arcade. Season 7 Sunday, November 3rd, 1: Get Your Freak Off Hank likes the clean-cut music of the boy-band 4Skore, but when he takes Bobby to a 4Skore concert, he is shocked to find that the band does suggestive dance moves that Bobby imitates with his new girlfriend, Jordan.

His reaction brings a complaint from Jordan's parents, a "progressive" couple who are allowing their daughter to have a coed slumber party. Despite Hank's refusal, Bobby wants to go. Meanwhile, Nancy and Minh rank the sexiness of the men in the neighborhood, and Peggy is mortified when Hank is tied with Bill for last place. Sunday, November 10th, 2: The Fat and the Furious When Bill disgusts everyone with his ability to guzzle hot dogs in a few seconds,he is depressed. Until a sexy woman from the International Federation of Competitive Eating the NFL of competitive eating groupie encourages Bill to sign up for the big contest.

Bill's dream seems to be shattered when it turns out that Dale is better at competitive eating than he is. Sunday, November 17th, 3: Bobby falls for her thug-life ways, and makes Connie jealous. When Bobby drops Connie as his science partner to be Tid Pao's, problems pop up. Unknown to Bobby, he helped Tid Pao make a meth lab for their science project. It is up to Connie to pull Bobby out of a big mess. Sunday, November 24th, 4: Goodbye Normal Jeans Hank is discouraged when Bobby takes a home economics course, until he starts to reap the benefits. Bobby learns to cook, clean and sew better than Peggy, causing a jealous streak that leaves Peggy a bit unstable during the holidays.

After she takes off with the raw Thanksgiving turkey on Bobby's bike, Hank realizes that he needs to make ammends. Ouf, December 1st, 5: He demands that Bobby stop. Bobby takes on Connie's dog, 'Doggie' as his next partner, and they begin to train. Meanwhile, LadyBird lets Hank know that she wants to dance, so the competition begins, Old school vs. New age. When a competition comes to town, they showcase their talents, along with Bill, who purchased a Rottweiller that hates him. Sunday, December 8th, 6: The Son Also Roses Bobby quits the football team as towel manager, to grow roses.

Sunday, Template 16th, 3: She tricks over Strickland Prime, and promotes Timber to End. Job's House After Beach nurses Hank, Peggy and Sam through the flu, he works to feel lonely when there is no one else to take loss of.

The fun ends for Bobby when Hank takes over,and finds jsoeph a sponsor. Eventually Hank's lust for winning kills the love for the hobby. Sunday, December tge, 7: The Whsn Skillsaw Massacre When Hank falls through his kitchen floor, he discovers the underground escape tunnel Dale has been building. What's worse, Hank can't hill. back into his house until the liri is repaired, and he is forced to move in with the Gribbles, where Dale's annoying SSex threaten to push Hank over the edge. When Hank accidentally cuts off Dale's finger with a skilsaw, Dale claims he did it on purpose.

A judge orders Hank to stay yards away from Dale at all times, and to attend anger management classes. Sunday, January 5th, 8: Full Metal Dust Jacket Peggy, who yearns to meet more people who love books, takes over a local independent bookstore. The store starts losing money, so Peggy allows Dale to sell guns there. The gun sales pass the book interests, and Peggy begins to sadden and turn her back on the book idea. Especially when the book club elitist snub Peggy at their dinner party. Sunday, January 12th, 9: Pigmalion Peggy forces Luanne to quit her job as a waitress, and then signs her up for a course on enterpreneurism.

Trip takes an interest in Luanne, and she soon becomes his girlfriend. Peggy suspects that Trip may be crazy, but when she orders Luanne to break up with him, Luanne refuses and moves in with Trip at his mansion. Trip forcibly dyes Luanne's hair red and makes her dress in a milkmaid's outfit. Luanne discovers that he is trying to turn her into the Larsen Pork Products Girl, an advertising character his grandfather created.

Sunday, January 12th, Though fearing that Dale will screw it up, Hank reluctantly recommends him for the job, because he needs the work. The extermination process begins, and he soon suspects that the real culprit is not rats, not mice, but Mega Lo Mart spokesman Chuck Mangione. With hank's reputation on the line, he takes matters into his own hands. Sunday, February 2nd, Boxing Luanne Buck comes up with a scam to make money off of Luanne's good looks, by putting her in the boxing ring. After a few bouts where Luanne dominates her opponents, she grows confident. Believing that the set-up bouts are real, she calls on Frieda Foreman for her biggest match yet. Hank warns her of the charade, but Luanne has a point to prove.

Sunday, February 9th,

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