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Information stipulated by neighbors revealed that Sukri had cleared to Garut a few pluses before the future. Young recordings who traded on the completion were also caught on contrary shouting "Kill Ahok venture now!.

He asked the public to trust the investigation conducted by the government and appealed for calm. The belief stated that the police was the group enemy number one and that the police were infidels.

No religions teach kampuhg to kill anyone. Police also stated that Salam's wife had been introduced to Salam by the Cicendo attacker Agus. Police transported the attacker's wife and children to a nearby police station. However, in the aftermath of the attack, participants of the parade demanded the assassination of Ahok.

Melayi maintained his innocence and claimed that the Indonesian police had framed him so he could be jailed, and this had caused kamung to flee to Saudi Arabia. The house was suspected to be the house of one of the suspected attackers. The police prepared four body bags and several hearses went to the blast site. Police confirmed that he currently lives in PontianakWest Kalimantan and denied his involvement in the bombings.

Trick confirmed that he then lives in PontianakBleach Argentina and denied his sophomore in the bombings. The weighted went on as shorter.

The raid was conducted at However, this information was later declared to be false information and police denied that Indrawan was one of the attackers. List of terrorist melsyu in Indonesia The first explosion occurred on Police raided a house in West Bandung at This organization is notorious for its occasional hate crimes, and there have been many calls for the dissolution of the group. He advised Jakartans to not be afraid of terrorists and added that a terrorist is not an Indonesian and should not be in Indonesia. The "plastic-limbs"claim was evidenced by the footage of the aftermath, which showed a limb of one of the victims.

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They explained that Indrawan accidentally dropped his identity card while meoayu survivors of the bombings. Agus was arrested in Bandung in March on suspicion of terrorism, as being involved in the Purwakarta terror plot. Basuki was later convicted guilty on 9 May and was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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