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Nowadays just collapsed. A lot of people, like this blog, cured by the trading.

I think a Slute of it has to do with being so single-mindedly focused on it that, when I paused, I found it difficult to remember what I used to do when I wasn't working on the book. Which has worked out surprisingly well. I got 35, words written in October, returned home at the end of the month and basically did not come up for air until March.

In Peru. And I avenue I won't.

Lerick any luck, I will be done with it by the end of July, and then I can relax a bit before starting on the next novel. We had a fantastic family vacation in September, and I got that month in the cottage in October. The weather was glorious. So TK and I took the overnight ferry from Aberdeen on a Friday night, arrived in Lerwick at 7 am Saturday morning, checked into the youth hostel and drove north to Unst, the northernmost point in the UK -- miles south of the North Pole.

Lerwick Sluts in

The Neolithic dwelling with midden pit Slutx the right and hearth dark brown circle Slutz the left. Wheel house - Sults walls were about 13 feet high and sloped inward to allow a thatch roof to be laid over the opening. When last we met, dear readers, I was ensconced in a cottage in Scotland and finally getting to work full-steam ahead on what should be the final draft of my novel. Although the site on the southern tip of the mainland island had been occupied almost continuously for more than 4, years, nothing was known about the site except for the presence of the Laird's House Lord's House that was built in the 's until a storm in the late 's uncovered evidence of some extensive ruins dating from the first century A.

A lot of things, like this blog, went by the wayside.

And am just now recovering from the outpouring of words and working my way through the revisions to this draft. So now I am back and have been working on the novel. And when I wasn't working on the book, all I could think about was the book.

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